Sunday, 17 July 2011

Wow, An actual trend-led outfit, with some actual current high street items.

Topshop blouse, H&M waistcoat, Boden jeans, charity shop shoes (I think they were originally Matalan), River Island bag, MAC Rebel lipstick

Colour blocking trend win methinks.

Also, please excuse my camel toe. I am rather fat at the moment, but the less about that the better really.

I would apologise for not blogging but I'm not sure there's any point now. You all know my life is quite boring at the minute and to be honest I'm just mooching around the house doing ironing with unstraightened hair and no make up. Not exactly sartorial elegance.

Although to be fair, actually quite a lot has happened in the last few weeks. Mainly being that I went up to visit my boyfriend and I finally got to see the Cult of Beauty exhibition at the V&A. Which in turn meant I got to see some more Rossettis in reality, which was very exciting. There was this section where they had a little mock up of his room, and there was a chair in there that had belonged to Hunt, Millais and Rossetti, and I actually got a little emotional. I know that sounds silly. I suppose it was a little like my getting slightly overwhelmed in Sante Croce in Florence at Michelangelo's tomb after having seen the David earlier in the day, which, I must say now, I think is still probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I did an entire art project on it for A Level because I adore it that much.

Er, so after that art tangent... Oh, and I also graduated on Tuesday, which was a very weird experience. I was in Aberystwyth for less than 24 hours, and had a dreadful nights sleep due to a very stuffy hotel room, and the whole thing really was just a bit awful. I was just so sad and seeing people didn't really help. Add incredibly annoying hats and magic pants for several hours and you have a rather miserable Hattie.

Right, I'll actually talk about my outfit now, seeing as that's what you all come here for. I bought this blouse from Topshop on sale a few weeks ago, and I love it. For some reason I have this real hankering for yellow at the minute, but I suppose its not really a problem since its meant to be very popular in autumn as well. I dug out the yellow shoes I got last summer for some extra mustard. I also thought I should probably wear these jeans that I also bought last summer, since I haven't really up to this point for worrying that they made me look podgy. But I'm pretty podgy at the minute anyway really, so oh well. Thankfully the blouse is loose and is hiding my muffin top! Added to the colour blocking with my new River Island bag and faithful purple H&M waistcoat.

I'm going to end this post here because my contact lens just had a massive spaz out and I don't think looking at the computer screen any longer is probably a good idea. I best go and let this weird red eye go to sleep.


  1. You look gorgeous and I love this outfit ESP the blouse, it is mega cute! Congratulations on graduating too.

    Caz x

  2. I see what you mean Hattie! Very simiar blouses. I also have a new love of yellow. I have another new yellow top as well as this one. You look gorgeous though. Also I havent actually seen you with this haircut in person which is very weird!

  3. Your top is gorgeous! <3 I love the colour, and the cute pussybow detailing!

    Lost in the Haze

  4. I think you look lovely no matter what you say about you been fat.x

  5. You look lovely, don't put yourself down so much. That's a great blouse, I love the colour/pattern; it really suits you! x


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