Tuesday, 2 August 2011

July MakeUp Favourites plus some good news!

Just wanted to do another video for you all, because I haven't done one for a while and I bought quite a lot of make up recently. All the details of the makeup mentioned are in the info box on the YouTube page if you would like to know. This is also the first video I have put up publicly on YouTube (previously I have done them all as listed from this page) which is a little nerve wracking but I shall see what happens!Although do not worry, I am not going to migrate to YouTube- traditional written blogging shall always be my home!

Also... I have news! I have a job! I had a call from Marks and Spencer yesterday to offer me a job in my local store (I had gone for an interview in a store which is about an hour away and unfortunately I couldn't take the job because my trains didn't line up). I now have a temporary job until September for 22 hours a week in the food section, which of course isn't the most glamorous of things, but it is money and something to keep me occupied, which I desperately need at the minute. They said it should be fine for me to take a week off for my course so everything has worked out rather well really; whilst its only a temporary job, its actually quite handy, since if I don't like the course and want to move away, I don't have to work there for much longer before I'd be free for another job. Likewise, if I do need to stay at home there is always a possibility that it might lead to a permanent position which would provide me with the money for a Masters. I also have every other weekend off so should still be able to see Grant, and have a few days off in the week to do my own thing. I am so happy to finally have a job, especially after I got a rejection letter from Superdrug of all places earlier in the week! Not that there is anything wrong with working in Superdrug, but the store manager who wrote my address on the letter didn't capitalise my forename or surname. Being rejected by someone who cannot capitalise is rather embarrassing! But everything is getting much better now so I will just try to forget that humiliating episode!

Obviously this may effect my posting somewhat, since I'll be having to wear a sexy uniform, including a fleece of all things *shudders* But I shall endeavour to make an effort on the days I have off so I have something to post! Having this job will also help me put a bit of routine back into my week, so I should be much more together on the outfit front unlike the moment when I am just schlepping around the house. See you soon!


  1. Haven't got time to watch your video, but just wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS on your job :) Woo! (Even if it does involve wearing a fleece :p!)


  2. EXCITED about the job, I have pretty much the same thing...I am starting at Asda soon and although it's not what I envisaged, it will get me some money and self-respect too, I hate not working! You will have to come to Cheltenham and see me in my sexy black and bright green uniform ;)

    Maria xxx

  3. Big congrats about the job, you will be so glad of the fleece it's always freezing in there! xx


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