Thursday, 11 August 2011

More compost (this time in moving form).

As promised, here is a video that Kathy made of our little trip to the Centre for Alternative Technology. I think an outfit of the day video may be in the making but I shall have to let you know about that when it appears!

I apologise for my lack of posting over the last week, but my boyfriend was down over the weekend and then I have been at Marks and Spencers all this week doing my training, but I have a few days off now so hopefully shall be able to do some posts for you. I'm wanting to try and write some posts that are not so fashion related, perhaps a little more book/film related, what do you guys think? Whilst I really love outfit posts, I would like to make this blog a little more personal to me and a more rounded record of my interests. I shall try to put a few non-fashiony posts up soon, maybe later today. But don't hold me to that, you know how disorganised I am!


  1. That video is awesome. It should seriously be the promotional video for CAT. I have to admit it makes me laugh a lot -you know about mine and Andy's awful day there. At least it wasnt raining when you were there but you do manage to make something that looked ten years out of date look fun and exciting. :) Sorry for the negativity -Im glad you had a good time.

  2. That is such a sweet video - I love how excited you both sound on it!


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