Friday, 30 September 2011

Queen Kong.

M&S faux fur coat from Oxfam, H&M tee shirt, M&S skirt and tights, Russell and Bromley loafers, Pilgrim ring

Please excuse my dishevelled state. Whilst I was really excited about taking outfit photos today and yesterday, the heat has completely baffled me. For those outside the UK, we've had a really unexpected heatwave which has thrown my lovely autumn outfit plans into disarray. So instead I just went for a very easy tee shirt and stretchy denim skirt combo.

But anyway, that wasn't what I wanted to show you. Look at my fur coat! I've been looking for one for ages but I wanted one in leopard print. However, its really hard to wear one of them without looking like Pat Butcher. Its fine if you're Alexa Chung but when you're a bit short and chunky its not a great look! Especially since so many of the ones on the high street have big 70s style collars. Anyway, I saw this one in Oxfam earlier and thought it looked really big for a child's one, so risked the embarrassment of trying it on and it not fitting. It turned out to fit. Its an age 11-12. What on earth??!! I mean clearly, I'm only 5"3 so its not like the sleeves would be too short, and my shoulders aren't that broad. Its obviously more snug across my chest and tummy than it would be on my 11 year old self but it does the job nicely! I might change the buttons for something a bit smarter but overall I am very pleased with it. Not bad for £5! I'm still not entirely sure how it looks on me- I feel a little bit like a gorilla but I know they make everyone's head look too small for their body! Might need to make sure my hair is a bit bouffant to balance it out!

This ring is one I also bought today thanks to my friend Chloe giving me a voucher for my favourite local shop for my 21st. I have been wanting to buy this ring for ages but it was on the pricey side, but as soon as I got the voucher I knew I wanted to buy it! I really love the marcasite finish which makes it look quite Victorian. I also like how it looks very much like a feather but also the shape reminds me of lungs. Which I know sounds odd but I like that it looks elegant but also a little gothic. It should also be good for work because its flat against my finger so it won't catch on anything.

I've also bought some other really lovely things recently but with this damn weather I can't show them to you right now! I wore a lovely new dress to the cinema last night to see Jane Eyre but forgot to put my memory card in my camera and it was too dark by the time I got home. Apologies. I only have one more week of my contract left though so hopefully I can fit in some outfits after that for you. I better not ramble on any more since I have a 7 hour shift tomorrow *yawns* Anyone else found a charity shop bargain recently?


  1. Beautiful, love this so much!

    Maria xxx

  2. I love the ring's design :x Great item !

  3. Love the Ring <3.

    Sadie x

  4. That ring is beautiful x


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