Friday, 16 September 2011

Um.... sorry.

Er.... so I've been gone for nearly a month. Soz. Basically, Marks and Spencer took over my life. I've been wroking pretty much 6 days out of 7, until 8 in the evening and then due to my crappy rural transport I do not get home until 10. My fortnightly weekend off has been spent visiting my boyfriend so hasn't involved the most exciting outfits. However, a few exciting purchases have been made so I thought I should show them to you.

Ooh, firstly, a little update on my work prospects (lol- or complete lack of!) I went on my Fashion Marketing course, and, whilst I loved it, I just don't think doing a Masters would be the right thing to do. Whilst I learnt a lot, (and not to sound at all rude or arrogant) but I just feel the general gist of things was fairly obvious. I think I could gain enough experience and knowledge from an internship as I could from spending over £10,000 on a Masters. I have found a particularly promising Oxfam one that would start early next year, so, my plan for the moment is (fingers crossed M&S extend my temporary contract until Christmas) I will continue to work there for a few more months to save up the money and then I will hopefully do this internship next year. Which will then hopefully secure me a fabulous fashion job!

Although, saying that, I am appalling bad at saving money. Since I have about an hour to waste every morning between arriving into Plymouth and work starting, I do keep shopping. Several items in the photos below are new purchases, although two of them are somewhat special!

H&M cardi, M&S tee shirt and skirt, Russell and Bromley loafers, pearl earrings a gift, Gok Wan at Specsavers glasses

As you all know I have developed somewhat of a leopard print obsession and this cardi helped fill a void, although I must admit it isn't the nicest of prints. But, for £15 I couldn't really complain. The denim skirt is a lovely stretchy pull on one that is hideously comfy, and I am always up for more of those! I have worn my black stretchy Urban Outfitters one to death so knew this would be a good buy.

My general plan of dressing this autumn is some kind of retro 50s/60s type thing, with a good dose of librarian and heritage thrown in. An integral part of this plan was to get myself some cat eye glasses. I have wanted some for an absolute age but they are actually quite difficult to get hold of on the high street, especially in deepest darkest Devon! As soon as I saw that Gok Wan had done a range for Specsavers that included a cat eye pair I knew I had to have them. They took a while to get hold of due to rubbish deliveries but I am pleased as punch with them now I have them. I've never had glasses which I've been happy wearing (I think its something to do with feeling about 15 and therefore not terribly attractive) but I like these because of the vintage-ness of them. Anything to make me feel more like Joan Holloway is always good!

And, drum roll.... my birthday purchase, a pair of Russell and Bromley patent loafers! I decided that I wouldn't wear the Barbour jacket enough to justify the purchase, and whilst I really do love the Alexa, I just couldn't spend all the money my lovely great aunt had given me on a handbag. It would have just felt like a really frivolous way of spending the money when right now I really need it for driving lessons. My need to drive is much more urgent than my desire for an Alexa! Maybe one day when I've saved up the money myself. Anyway, so I asked my parents for some Russell and Bromley loafers instead, since I have wanted some for ages but have just never really had enough cash to buy them. I am really hard on shoes and these seem like they will last for a long time and be really comfy. Although I am sad I have to wear a damn uniform and can't wear these for so long! I could wear them to work but they would get dreadfully scuffed since I have to get on the floor all the time to do stock tidying and other such thrilling jobs. The ones I am wearing currently are peeling away from the soles horribly after only a month.

I am going to stop talking now since this is ridiculously long already. Also, apologies for the crappiness of the photos- I have not yet adjusted to it getting dark so much earlier! I will endeavour to take some better ones next week. I filmed a make up favourites video last week but my Internet connection failed whilst it uploaded for like 5 hours so I will have to try that again soon. I'm sorry its been so long and I am such a bad blogger. This working malarky (especially the uniform!) is stealing my fashion mojo somewhat! I'll try and make more of an effort from now on.


  1. Huzzah Tat is returned ^__^ Internship sounds awesome babes, will be thinking of you <3 It may interest you to hear that my own blogging efforts have now gone live - you know you want to check it out and make me look cool :P Not even my own mother has commented as yet...


    Anyway, and I love you muchly! Skype? xx

  2. I know the feeling with working a lot, I am in the same position!

    Maria xxx


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