Monday, 31 October 2011

Beyond the Sea

Topshop sweater, Boden skirt, M&S shoes, earrings a gift and ring from Stars, Abersytwyth

Sorry for not posting in so long. Once again, life has been very hectic recently, and I didn't have the best week last week and didn't really feel like posting to be honest. I was rejected for a full time permanent job at work because I simply hadn't worked there long enough to have the same experience as the other applicant, got rejected for the Oxfam blog and was looking at having to work only 16 hours a week up until Christmas on a temporary contract. I was starting to think that I should just jack in everything and move up to live with my boyfriend as soon as possible since I wasn't really achieving much being here. However, after a delightful weekend in Aberystwyth, (shoutouts to all the lovely people there who may be reading this who provided me with an amazing time, especially my darling Kathleen as always) I returned to work to find the situation somewhat altered.

The girl who had got the job has now got a new job at a bank and so I was offered the position! Clearly, its a little sucky to know I wasn't the first choice, but I think it was purely due to the experience, and I did a few extra hours on the customer returns desk (where I am now based) before I was offered it so I must have been ok. I am feeling so much more positive about everything now; the hours fit in so much better with my trains, (despite having to get up at 6.30 again!) and I'll actually be earning enough to put a decent amount aside AND buy myself some lipstick occasionally. And its permanent so I have no need to worry about finding something new in January. I am so grateful to finally have something full time and permanent! I also don't start officially until next weekend so get to have a few days off with my sister whilst she is home for her reading week.

I also asked for some feedback on my Oxfam application and it turns out I got down to the final 6, which isn't too bad. Also there were apparently some rather well established bloggers amongst my competition, so I don't feel too bad about it now. It was more the combined effect of that with everything else that upset me, but things are looking much better now. Just have to keep working at this little baby I suppose!

Er, so I should probably tell you about the outfit now rather than just wittering on about my life! I absolutely adore this Topshop jumper- its so comfy (yes, I am aware it is quite unflattering, but I love it nonetheless!) and also has plenty of Railway Children-esqueness. I thought I should give you a close up so you could see the collar a little better, especially since it is sticking up a bit in the main outfit shot.

The ring is my latest addition to my ring collection. Whilst in Aberystwyth Kathy and I went to one of our favourite shops to peruse their fantastic ring collection, but nothing had really caught my eye until I saw this beauty. I knew I had to have her straight away. Shes a teeny bit big but I always prefer my rings a little large anyway, since I tend to fiddle with them and it really freaks me out when your fingers swell and they seem to get stuck! The detail on her is amazing and it makes me happy in my silly sappy Marianne-from-Sense-and-Sensibility sort of a way that I brought a mermaid back from the sea. She hasn't left my hand all week.

I must go to bed now- clocks going back last night resulted in extra sleep yesterday but means I am extra tired right now! I recorded two make up videos today so shall hopefully have those up tomorrow. Ooh, and mentioning videos, I have been considering making a ring collection one for a while now- is that something people would be interested in?


  1. I love the jumper! I used to have a t-shirt that was really similar, don't know if you remember it? It doest fit me any more but I hold onto it anyway in case somehow my boobs and arms shrink enough to wear it. Anyway! I like that it makes you think railway children, but it makes me think Japanese school girl. Still awesome anyway.

  2. Nice jumper! I love really comfy ones. I have several that are not flattering and one has holes all over it (on purpose) so it's not particularly warm either. I love it though.

    It's cool to see that although things didn't turn out exactly how you wanted, they still ended up better than they originally looked!


  4. I love this outfit, I totally get the Railway children vibe1 Glad that things with work are starting to work out, I know how hopeless it can seem sometimes!

    Maria xxx

  5. Congrats on the job and that ring is so cool!


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