Tuesday, 22 November 2011

'Love Bites'- A Mini Me & Zena Review

I just wanted to do a little quick review of this necklace. I was so impressed with Me & Zena's service that I felt it had to be praised on my little corner of the internet! I have been wanting to buy this necklace for absolutely ages but it was one of those things that I just kept forgetting about, but when Gem posted about their 50% off code for Halloween I knew the opportunity had finally arrived! Since it was a Halloween themed item, I also received an additional 20% off, and so got it, including postage, for £7.50.

The parcel was dispatched the very next morning (after me ordering online at around midnight!) and arrived within a few days. Not only was the posting efficient, the packaging was also divine. It arrived in this gorgeous fluorescent pink jiffy bag complete with a small pink velvet pouch, which I have since been using to store my jewellery in my handbag. (I tend to carry various ring and earrings options around with me.) The necklace itself is really good quality and I love the engraved detailing on the back which just makes it feel that little bit more expensive. Overall, a fantastic purchase! I have been wearing it daily to liven up my boring M&S uniform.

I am definitely planning on purchasing the gold option as well at some point, to allow me maximum wearing potential.I was just really impressed with their service which made me feel rather excited, like a little kid opening their Christmas presents. Having a lovingly packaged parcel arrive is one of the best little pick me ups, and Me & Zena completely fulfilled and surpassed my expectations.

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