Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Writing Adventures.

So. My country bumpkin internet was down for well over a week so apologies for my absence. I have been off today and so have been wearing my own clothes; however, I have not taken any outfit photos since I am completely full of cold and the light has been atrocious all day. I've also had my hair cut but it looks a little bit weird- I always find it looks a bit flat and makes my face look fat until I've washed it myself.

Instead, I have a few exciting bits of news to tell you. Firstly, I had an article published in PLANT magazine, which I must admit, is probably one of the most exciting things to happen to me, probably ever. Isabel was either the first or second blog that I ever read, and she is so articulate, intelligent and pulls Dr Martens off with the kind of aplomb I have never myself mastered. Anyway, not to gush and girl-crush too much, but it is such an honour to have been included in her feminist fashion zine. You should all go and order a copy so Isabel can continue to make such an awesome zine.

(Isabel, I will include an excitable photo at a later date, but could not wait any longer to share the pride.)

I also mentioned a few months back about being rejected for the Oxfam blog. Whilst I was very disappointed at the time, I was delighted to be contacted by them a few weeks later offering me the post! Turns out somebody else had dropped out and so I was picked instead. Funny that I have got both my job and this post after somebody else dropping out- oh well, I'm not complaining. I got them in the end! My first post was published earlier this week and you can read it here. I am very excited to be a part of the blogging team and am so pleased to be able to volunteer for Oxfam in this way. I'll only be posting monthly so it shouldn't detract too much from here (although I admit the posts of recent have been shamefully few and far between anyway...)

So, you are all now updated on my various writing adventures. I am currently somewhat exhausted from work (full time retail work at this time of year is literally hellish) but am going to get a little break at Christmas and New Year. It will be the blog's second birthday soon, after which I may attempt to make a few changes. As I have already said, my old format of outfit posts does simply not work anymore now I wear uniform for the majority of the week. I am trying to come up with ideas for some kind of blogging schedule, with maybe one or two outfit posts a week with some other bits popped in, but I must admit I am struggling somewhat. I don't want to resort to cliched posts such as wishlists (not to sound snobby, I just want to make sure I don't get lazy and monotonous) but I know I need to introduce some kind of structure to keep me on track. I am more than welcome for suggestions of things you would like to see- more make up posts, reviews, inspiration, wishlists, videos? Please give me some ideas!


  1. I am so pleased that you're back *huzzah* You have no idea how often I've been checking your page :'( Congrats on the Oxfam blog *^__^*

  2. I am just putting together a similar post! Now I work all day and wear office wear and crash at the weekends I dont have so much time for outfit posts. I think when summer is back and there is better light it will be easier though.

  3. Yay on the Oxfam blog :) I know the feeling with retail at Christmas, between my two jobs I worked 54.5 hours last week! :( Glad you are back though :)

    Maria xxx


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