Friday, 28 January 2011

I'm slobbering onto my keyboard right now.

I did yet another very silly thing earlier. I went onto ASOS to find something for a friend only to stumble across this-


I am completely aware that it probably wouldn't do me any favours, what with the tightness and the moulded cups (last time I tried a dress on with those my boobs wouldn't fit in) and the bare back which would make a bra and the required magic knickers something of a non-option. But it's just the most damn sexy dress. It would make me feel like a film star. The detailing is just exquisite, I can't stop staring at the screen in wonder! I am in need of a properly smart dress, because at the minute I usually just put on a day dress in the evening and hope it looks alright with some heels. I don't have any event I particularly need this for, I just want it so badly. I'm pretty sure it would look awful but I need to order it to just check.

Urgh. I hate being a student and having no money.

Now to go and attempt to distract myself from dress drooling by drooling over Rufus Sewell in Zen instead.

I told you I was cack-handed.

I'm such a clumsy twat. So, guess who's broken their camera?? ARGH. I was balancing it on a shelf to take a photo, and then BAM, down it falls, I pick it up, the lens is stuck out and at a funny angle. I'm so bloody annoyed at myself. The thing is, the day before I was looking at tripods on Amazon, and actually ordered one, but then didn't end up actually paying for it because my voucher wouldn't work. So now I have a broken camera. I've found a page on the interwebs which tells me how to fix it, but I may end up permanently damaging it. So seeing as it's still under warranty, I'm going to contact Panasonic to see if they'll fix it, but seeing as it was accidental damage, I doubt it. In the meantime, here's what I've been doing this week;

 Drooling over Aidan Turner and being ridiculously excited for the second episode on Sunday of Being Human.

Dreaming of this man whilst I read Jane Eyre *yet more drooling* (There has been rather a lot of drooling this week, but my boyfriend's away, and a girl's got to have something to look at.)

Obsessing over the leopard print flats I inherited from my mum at the weekend. It was in fact trying to get a picture of these that caused the camera break. Ah well, I can't blame it on the shoes, they're too damn lovely.

Listening to this song incessantly.

Also, checking the Elle Internship page like an obsessed deranged woman. Thank you to those who have voted for me. I'm trying not to get my hopes up about it, because so many people have entered, and some of their entries are so good, but I'm finding it hard not to get excited/nervous. Oh well, I've done my best, I'll just have to see what happens.

I'm looking forward to a weekend of dress making, TV catch up and possible pea soup making. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Please read this post (you have to get to the bottom before you'll realise why)

I have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award thanks to the lovely Hannah at Bow Dream Nation. It's really nice to have some recognition of my little corner of the blogging world. Now I have to reveal 7 things about myself, urm....

1. I have recently become addicted to Radio 4 thanks to my boyfriend. It's so fantastic because you just have it playing it in the background but you learn so much.

2.I have Konnie Hug's autograph from my 12th or 13th birthday. The CBBC roadshow came to Plymouth and I managed to ambush her on her way to the Lighthouse... I'm still very proud of that!

3. I am a complete and utter sucker for any type of accent. Whether it be Scottish, Irish, French, (although thinking about it not so much the Welsh accent!) I will probably fancy said person.

4. I have only seen one Star Wars film, and I was forced into watching that by my boyfriend and male housemates. And to be honest, I thought it was pretty crap!

5. I have a rather large collection of rings- I just counted and the one's which are on my ring stand total 21. Although I know there are a fair few lurking around because I have a tendency to leave them in pockets and handbags.

6. Right now I have purple painted toenails.

7. I have a real aversion to squidgy food, like custard, mash potato or jelly.... absolutely hate it! Trifle is my worst nightmare!

Well, I hope those weren't terribly boring and at least a little entertaining. Now I have to pass the award onto 7 other bloggers...

1.  Lauren from Someone Like You
2. Anna  from Wonderlander
3. The Comtesse de ferveur
4. Stella Rose at Confessions of a Female Drag Queen
5. Becky-May from The Flower Girl
6. Fritha from The Fish Tank 
7. Marlena at Self Constructed Freak 

Quite a few of these are fairly new discoveries, but my old favourites of Wonderlander and Self Constructed Freak are in there too. There's quite a wide range of different styles within the 7, so go ahead and have a nosey, see if there's anyone you like.

One last thing. The Elle Internship competition is probably being mentioned by every single blogger out there. Whilst I know I haven't said this previously, I hope one day to have a career in fashion journalism. I haven't said anything before because to be honest, so does pretty much every fashion blogger, and I just thought it was somewhat irrelevant and rather boringly generic. However, I have entered this competition and would be really grateful for your votes. I'm not going to nag you about for days, because I hope the competition is judged on talent rather than how many people you coerce into voting for you. But if you wouldn't all mind it would be great to have a bit more visibility. This would be the most fantastic opportunity for me, what with finishing uni in a few months and not having much of an idea how I'm going to begin as a fashion journalist. I may slip it in again in one more post, but for now that's all I'm going to say as to not bore you senseless. And thank you all in advance.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Video attempt no 2 with some help from Fearne

Er so I tried to do another video post. I actually tried to upload this on Friday, but Blogger was just being completely uncooperative and I tried for several hours but to no avail. So instead, today, after returning from home, I got myself a YouTube channel and uploaded it on there. I didn't really want to go on YouTube but have since found out I can make my channel unlisted anyway so shouldn't get trolled too bad. And since this was meant to be posted on Friday, please ignore the last bit where I talk about the weekend, because it's obviously happened now. (And I also didn't end up going to the Museum for dissertation research today, because I've found out there's an relevant exhibition starting on Saturday, so I'm going next Wednesday instead) But after all the kerfuffle I couldn't be bothered to do another ending and re-edit, so here it is in it's original format.

I hope it's not too awful. Please tell me what you think, I always like to know what people think of my blog, suggestions are always welcome. Sorry it's a little long, my editing skills are not up to much. And for those of you wanting lip gloss, leave me your email and I'll email you regarding sending it to you.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is how happy I am with how many subscribers and comments I've been getting recently. I'm now up to 39 followers which is fantastic, and I had 15 comments on my last post. *proud beamy smile* Hello to everybody new, hope you don't mind my rambling, whether it be on camera or via text! So just thanks to everyone for their kind comments, I hope I can continue to improve the blog and keep you all entertained.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mushy chests and make up

Topshop blouse via charity shop, ancient H&M jumper, H&M skirt, M&S tights and shoes, Amelie Blaise ring, DIY headband

Firstly I apologise for my slightly weird stance in the first photo. Don't know what was up with me there. Despite having Kathy and her amazing DSLR to take pictures with, I still cannot pose properly. Oh dear.

I bought this Topshop blouse because it reminded me so much of Luella's Spring 2009 collection, but it just doesn't look good on me. It makes my boobs look all weird and mushy! So I layered it under a v-neck jumper hoping this would improve the situation. I don't think it does really. I still look lumpy! Perhaps this blouse shall have to find it's way to a more deserving suitor.

I've been experimenting with tying bits of fabric in my hair recently, partly inspired by this tutorial. I may try and do the top curls thing at some point but I think my layers are just too short. I'm still trying to learn how to style my hair properly; at the minute all I can seem to do are my 15 year old defaults of messy buns or ponytails!

Also, since I am currently not buying any clothes, I've been playing around with make up a bit more. The lipstick is a Rimmel one (Colour Show Off in 220 Shocking Pink) and is really good. The colour isn't quite right in the photos of me,even with some editing, but in the single one of the lipstick I think the colour is pretty close.

I've also included a photo of this new foundation I've been using. Up until this point, I had been using N07 Intelligent Colour foundation, which was quite sheer. I don't really need a lot of foundation since my skin is pretty good, but I have got these really red cheeks that I don't like. I think they just look too overpowering if I'm wearing lipstick and tend to perpetuate this whole 'I look like a 15 year old' dilemma. I bought this foundation in the hope that it might give me better coverage and it does, without making it look like I'm caked in foundation, which was a look I wanted to avoid at all costs. I'm really pleased with it and how it evens out my skin tone. I'm almost Dita Von Teese porcelain! (OK, so the freckles might be a slight obstacle)

That's enough blabbering for now. I should be revising, what with exams being 2 days away. That's probably why this post sounds so rushed. Just thought I'd slip in this post before they start. Probably won't post again until Thursday. Hope you all have good weeks.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Dame Edna

Laura Ashley 'twinset', Boden skirt, M&S tights and shoes, Accessorize bangles, Tatty Devine necklace, glasses a gift

Ok, so today was 'ironic librarian' day. Anyone able to spot the subtle ironies in my outfit? No.... well obviously it's just me being pretentious again. Oh well, these little things make me feel happy.
1) It's a twinset- but not a proper twinset- a tee shirt instead of a knitted tank;
2) The glasses are around my neck and not on my face.

Except... oh, I see they are!

You see Kathy today gave me my birthday present which she had unfortunately misplaced for quite some time. But look, now I have Dame Edna glasses! And I think they may be the coolest thing ever. I do want some proper cat eye ones with prescription lenses, but currently a lack of funds prevents me from doing so. I'm sure this dress up pair will do in the meantime.
(And I do realise I have a double chin in the 3rd picture, but I thought it was funny, so I'd include it anyway).

I got this really nice wool mini skirt before Christmas and have been meaning to show you for ages but kept forgetting.... anyway, it's perfect for the days when I wish to dress like a librarian. I'm sure there are other things I could do with it, but that's how I like it right now.

Other item of interest is the lip colour. I recently went to MAC with the intention of getting myself a pink lipstick, something quite bright and almost on the raspberry side. Unfortunately, when I got there I discovered they didn't have anything in that kind of colour that wasn't in a hideously shiny formulation. I really really don't like shiny lipstick, and I absolutely hate lip gloss. No disrespect to shiny lipped ladies out there, but I just find it looks over the top and far too Cheryl Cole for the likes of me. Anyway, to get back off that tangent, the very nice lady suggested I try the Pink Nouveau colour which is a Satin finish, only one above my Matt Ruby Woo. It was a little lighter than I was hoping for, but I was quite pleased with the bubblegum colour. Now, to be confusing, what I'm wearing in the post is in fact not the lipstick but the accompanying lip liner, in Magenta. This was more of the colour I was originally hoping for and so far I have yet to use the lipstick but have been enjoying the lipliner. It works fantastically just over the top of a bit of lip primer to give it a bit of moisture. I shall shortly get around to wearing the lipstick to show you all, but thought the magenta really clashed nicely with the gold and mulberry colours in the outfit.

Ok, I really must go to bed now. I was just far too excited at the glasses to not post this today! (And apologies if this is somewhat garbled with too many ellipses, that would be the excitement)

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A few old friends got back in touch.

Topshop cardigan, Miss Selfridge dress via charity shop, Dorothy Perkins tee shirt (just seen), M&S tights and shoes, Accessorize bangle, charity shop necklace

I think I may apologise now. I think I may well not take these brogues off for quite some time. So, get used to them! This outfit consists of a few new bits plus some old rediscovered treasures. I am really pleased with these new M&S tights; my mum had previously bought my sister some floral knitted ones from Topshop, but unfortunately the embroidery on those meant both of us could only pull them up as far as our knees before they wouldn't stretch any further. Damn Topshop and their skinny legged customers! Anyway, these M&S ones do not have the same problem. Sure, they're not as stretchy as tights usually are, but I can actually get them on.

The dress is one I found in a charity shop, but don't wear too often due to the fact it's not exactly suitable for Aberystwyth's wind- there were more than a few near misses yesterday! It's also got these really annoying ties around the waist which I don't like doing up around the back since I'm usually wearing it with a cardigan on top and I'd end up with a big lump under my cardi. So, I'm usually forced to sort of wrap them round and tuck them in, but they often come untucked and dangle down my legs! I think I'll have to have a fiddle and unpick them.

The cardigan is one of the very first things I ever bought from Topshop, and I was really pleased when I found it had fallen down the back of a drawer! It's especially good at the moment since it's wool and keeps me nice and toasty.

Kathy is back today and so hopefully I may have some decent photos for you tomorrow :)


River Island jacket, M&S tee shirt, tights and shoes, Dorothy Perkins skirt via charity shop, Accessorize bangles, charity shop necklace

First outing of new brogues plus a few other sale finds. I have wanted this jacket for about 6 months after seeing it on Mademoiselle Robot. However, much to my dismay they had sold out of my size in several River Island stores that I tried. Imagine my delight then, whilst in River Island with my boyfriend, to see the print poking out from the sale rail and for the aforementioned jacket to be a size 10! And also may I mention.... £10. Epic win. I am also wearing a rather fetching bow print tee shirt from M&S (£7) and my lovely Accessorize bargain bangles.

Although I am wearing it with another cream item here, I am really looking forward to picking out the red, pink and teal in the print. This just happened to be the best outfit I could put together with the clothes I had at home. I think it will look great with my new teal velvet plimsolls. I am also quite in love with this necklace I found in Barnados just before Christmas for £1- I love the fact it's so detailed for something so small and dainty. I also wore it because I thought it helped bring out the red tones in the jacket, which is something I needed since cream is not my best colour.

Right, let's stop wittering on. I realised I didn't mention my New Year's resolutions in my last post- to be honest, I haven't got any very definite ones, because I think New Year in itself is terribly overrated. But I'm planning on the horrible generic one of trying to lose a bit of my podge, and stop eating so much ice cream, but I am also putting a shopping ban on myself until I make something on my sewing machine. I got the machine for my birthday after wanting one for ages, and have so far not actually used it. How rubbish am I? I'm feeling somewhat shopping-bloated after all my sales buys and have decided that I won't buy anything until I've got off my arse and made something for myself. I may be excused perhaps the odd accesssory though. So, I've ordered two dress patterns for myself, quite nice and easy to lull myself back in gently, and shall hopefully have some results to show you soon. Although it will be a good while yet, since I must get my exams out of the way first. Saying that, I need to go read the Tempest and joint a chicken. By the way, thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post; it was the most I've ever received. Shoulderfox is obviously universally loved!

Thursday, 6 January 2011


first outfit- Dorothy Perkins blouse, Dorothy Perkins vintage skirt via charity shop, Schuh boots

second outfit- Dorothy Perkins dress, M&S tights, Schuh boots

I'm sorry I haven't posted for so long. I went up to my boyfriend's last Thursday for New Years, and have been spending the last few days with my mum and sister before they had to go back to school. I've also been attempting to chivy myself into revision which hasn't been going very well at all. Hopefully when I'm back at uni on Friday I can get on with it a bit better. Right now I just cannot bear to read Virginia Woolf!

So, here are a few recent outfits, with the main reasoning behind them being to... SHOW YOU MY NEW BOOTIES! My boyfriend had actually bought these for me as a Christmas present, but I only got my hands on them last week. I am quite, quite in love. Despite them not being my usual style, I've found they look great with so many things. I'm also surprised at how flattering they are. What with them being ankle boots, I thought they might make my legs look quite chunky, but I don't think they're too bad at all. They also have some magic foot shrinking ability which is also a plus for my size 7/8 self! Sorry I don't have a close up, but my shoe-photography skills are somewhat lacking. Sneak a look at them on the Schuh website if you'd like a closer look.

Although saying all this, I am currently freaking out that I may be developing a bunion.... I have some pain in the exact section in your foot where you develop bunions. I have been wearing these shoes for about a week solid which almost definitely has something to do with it. Oh dear. I really think I could do with getting myself better fitting shoes. The problem is, I have this hereditary thing where the tendons in the backs of my legs are too short, and wearing really flat shoes makes my calves ache. But now heels are making my toe joint ache.... I may go see the Doctor. I am somewhat of a hypochondriac but I'm also very freaked out at the thought of developing a bunion so young! Sorry, I'll shut up and stop passing my bunion paranoia onto you all. That's more than enough talk about feet.

What do you think of the fox jumper??!! I got it for £17, reduced from £32, and am really pleased with it. I wore it out on New Years Eve and got lots of compliments. I am now known to several of my boyfriend's friends as 'Shoulderfox'. Jumper dresses make me quite nervous; not so much because of the belly clinging aspect, although that's obviously an issue, but more because of the VPL! I had quite a hilarious encounter with an old lady in the M&S toilets today, who told me that it looked fine whilst I was sort of staring at my bum and smoothing it down in the mirror! Grant also thought the whiskers were earrings *shakes head at obvious boy fail*

Other photos are just a few other bits I got in town today. Finally got some new brogues; these were £25 from M&S and I've been waiting for them to come into stock in my local branch for an absolute age after seeing them in Grazia. I had been debating buying some from Office, but decided against it. I have a lot of Office shoes because they're just too damn beautiful, but they are never comfy and never last long at all. I reckon cheapie M&S ones will last just as long as £60 Office ones.

I also got myself a lovely new pencil case and notebook from Paperchase in attempt to be more organised next term and not forget to take pens to lectures, and a couple of bangles from Accessorize I've wanted since seeing them on Pretty Much Penniless.

Right, definitely time now to shut up now I've gone on about bunions and smoothing down knickers. God, I'm such an old woman! Sorry this post is so long; I suppose that's what happens when I'm a disorganised arse and don't post for a week! Something to remember for the year ahead.... Ooh, and I hope you all had lovely New Years.