Thursday, 25 August 2011


Topshop dress, Converse trainers, Babyliss hairclip, Next watch

I should write a lot for this post really but I am going to keep it short because I am very, very tired. I apologise for my absence but I had my first proper week at work last week and with getting home at 10 most nights and my sisters and grandmas birthdays on my two free days, before hotfooting it up to London for my course, I just really haven't had the time. By the way, the course is going really well and I am really enjoying it but I still feel very confused about what I am doing with my life. But I shall divulge more information on that after the week is over.

Oh yeah, and I turned 21 on Monday. But didn't really do anything, since I was at the course, but my friend Maddy who I am staying with very kindly baked me a cake and gave me some Maltesers, so that was lovely.
Am doing more thorough celebrations this weekend on my return home.

Speaking of that, I also have a bit of a dilemma with my birthday money... I want to go and buy a Mulberry Alexa from the factory shop in Somerset but am aware that I could spend it on much more useful things like a new laptop or driving lessons. I know you are all going to tell me to get one but I went and had a look at one in Westfield today and whilst I loved it I just don't know whether I can justify that much on a bag.

Right, outfit quickly. Finally got my blond sorted! After another 5 hours in the hairdressers (10 in total) the streak is finally the correct colour! Its still a teeny weeny bit darker in places but that can't be helped really and its not that noticeable. I bought some heated rollers so am hoping to be able to make it more vintage looking soon. In this outfit, I went for a 90s grunge sort of look instead, prompted by this lovely dress I found in the Topshop sale. I am aware it makes my boobs look really weird, but to be honest I don't care. Its comfy and floral and treads the difficult line of twee/edgy. I would have worn it with my Doc Martens but had put them away for summer storage, so had to do with tweed Converses instead! Accessorised with my new favourite lipstick, MAC's Viva Glam I, which I am so grateful I bought. Its the easiest to wear red lipstick I own and I adore it.

Must go to bed. All this commuting malarky is taking it out of me! Apologies this sounds so rushed and more like a note to myself than a proper post!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A tired bird keeper.

M&S shirt and shoes, Urban Outfitters skirt, Topshop earrings, Bohm beetle ring and purple ring from local shop

Just a very quick post for you all since I had my first shift at work today and am absolutely cream-crackered. This outfit from Sunday contains my new favourite item- this gorgeous bird cage print skirt, which I knew I had to buy straight away the moment I saw Sara wearing it in posts from the Birmingham Blogger Meet Up night out. I am really looking forward to pairing it with my grey boots but didn't want to risk the foot ache when I knew I'd be on my feet for 6 hours the next day! Shoes are also some new ones bought for work, which I will wear outside as well; yet more ugly man shoes for the collection! The nails are the first false nails I have ever worn, which I bought on a whim when I saw them in Boots. Whilst we are allowed to wear nail varnish at M&S, it can't be chipped, so I thought I would try this out as an alternative, because the thought of having to repaint over the chips every day was a little terrifying! I really loved the matt texture and colour so thought I'd give them a go. Unfortunately, despite how great they look, they just do not stay on. Perhaps I didn't apply them very well, but over the course of 3 days every single nail bar the pinkies has come off at least twice and had to be reapplied, which is just not good in my opinion. It was a nice idea, but I shall just have to go back to my varnish! Although I did buy the Models Own Wah nail art pen today with my Boots points so hopefully there may be some exciting nails coming soon.

Right, that's enough chatter, must go to bed! That 6 hour shift is probably the most 'manual' labour I have ever done, and I am so fucking tired. But must be bright and breezy tomorrow for another one!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

More compost (this time in moving form).

As promised, here is a video that Kathy made of our little trip to the Centre for Alternative Technology. I think an outfit of the day video may be in the making but I shall have to let you know about that when it appears!

I apologise for my lack of posting over the last week, but my boyfriend was down over the weekend and then I have been at Marks and Spencers all this week doing my training, but I have a few days off now so hopefully shall be able to do some posts for you. I'm wanting to try and write some posts that are not so fashion related, perhaps a little more book/film related, what do you guys think? Whilst I really love outfit posts, I would like to make this blog a little more personal to me and a more rounded record of my interests. I shall try to put a few non-fashiony posts up soon, maybe later today. But don't hold me to that, you know how disorganised I am!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

July MakeUp Favourites plus some good news!

Just wanted to do another video for you all, because I haven't done one for a while and I bought quite a lot of make up recently. All the details of the makeup mentioned are in the info box on the YouTube page if you would like to know. This is also the first video I have put up publicly on YouTube (previously I have done them all as listed from this page) which is a little nerve wracking but I shall see what happens!Although do not worry, I am not going to migrate to YouTube- traditional written blogging shall always be my home!

Also... I have news! I have a job! I had a call from Marks and Spencer yesterday to offer me a job in my local store (I had gone for an interview in a store which is about an hour away and unfortunately I couldn't take the job because my trains didn't line up). I now have a temporary job until September for 22 hours a week in the food section, which of course isn't the most glamorous of things, but it is money and something to keep me occupied, which I desperately need at the minute. They said it should be fine for me to take a week off for my course so everything has worked out rather well really; whilst its only a temporary job, its actually quite handy, since if I don't like the course and want to move away, I don't have to work there for much longer before I'd be free for another job. Likewise, if I do need to stay at home there is always a possibility that it might lead to a permanent position which would provide me with the money for a Masters. I also have every other weekend off so should still be able to see Grant, and have a few days off in the week to do my own thing. I am so happy to finally have a job, especially after I got a rejection letter from Superdrug of all places earlier in the week! Not that there is anything wrong with working in Superdrug, but the store manager who wrote my address on the letter didn't capitalise my forename or surname. Being rejected by someone who cannot capitalise is rather embarrassing! But everything is getting much better now so I will just try to forget that humiliating episode!

Obviously this may effect my posting somewhat, since I'll be having to wear a sexy uniform, including a fleece of all things *shudders* But I shall endeavour to make an effort on the days I have off so I have something to post! Having this job will also help me put a bit of routine back into my week, so I should be much more together on the outfit front unlike the moment when I am just schlepping around the house. See you soon!