Sunday, 22 January 2012


ceramic deer ornament- £1 from Topshop!

So, I did my usual fortnightly visit up to my boyfriends this weekend with one little change from the usual... I met up with the lovely Maria, who I first met at the Birmingham Blogger Meet way back in July. We had some lunch in a lovely cafe in Cheltenham, and then did a little bit of sales browsing. We both got some bargains from Topshop, and although I am a numpty and forgot to take any pictures of the jumper which I wore yesterday, I can show you this little guy. I had no real reason for buying him other than he was rather adorable and was reduced to £3 from £12- imagine my delight when I got to the till and he had in fact been reduced down to £1! Clearly, meant to be. I know I am meant to be restricting my spending at the moment but I had to make an exception for this one afternoon- how can two bloggers together not do some shopping?!

I also completely forgot to ask Maria to take some photos of my outfit on the day, so I apologise, I completely failed on the outfit front this weekend, which is a shame since I wore some really nice new sale things. I shall endeavour to get some on my day off on Wednesday. I will also be having a holiday the week after next, visiting my oldest friend and my sister both at their prospective unis, and shall try and take daily pictures for you- I must make the most of a week of no uniform! Despite having this holiday planned, I have twenty billion things to organise at the minute, and am somewhat stressed at how up in the air everything is, but hopefully it shall be sorted soon. Lots of exciting things in the next few months, but a lot of sorting out to do first!

Saying that, I must go to bed.... work tomorrow *yawns*


  1. oh my it's gorgeous! I'm really jealous mrs, love anything with deers on xXx

  2. YAY for sale Bambi! It was so lovely to see you again and I am a fool for not taking a picture for you as you did look lovely :)

    Maria xxx


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