Sunday, 8 January 2012

Basically the same outfit twice.

first outfit- Collection at Debenhams tee shirt, M&S skirt, Topshop boots, Accessorize necklace, MAC Impassioned lipstick

second outfit- M&S Limited Collection kimono, old M&S tee shirt, skirt, necklace and boots as before, MAC Media lipstick 

Er, so this is basically the same outfit with a different top... I am feeling quite lazy at the moment! Work is absolutely mental currently- working on a return desk at this time of year is just horrible. Hopefully within the next few weeks everything will calm down and I can feel vaguely human again! I have however found out that I have over TWO WEEKS HOLIDAY to take before the end of March! Which is somewhat fantastic even if it is proving a little difficult to fit it in before then.

Both of these tops are sale purchases- the star tee shirt was found in Debenhams when I was loitering waiting for a bus one day, and was £7.50 down from £25, and I am so, so pleased I picked it up. It is absolutely perfect in terms of shape- just the right amount of slouch which doesn't make me look completely shapeless, not too short sleeves and the neckline is just right. I had seen this kimono in work several months ago but just couldn't justify spending £30 on it because I wasn't sure whether I would wear it or not; however, reduced to £17 I thought it would be worth a try! I wore it to go to Bath last week to meet up with Kathy. We had a lovely day shopping and coffee drinking and I bought some rather pricey bits of make up which I will show in a haul video at some point next week... suffice to say I am a little poor now! I also purchased a new laptop yesterday since my Sony Vaio is about three years old and is literally falling to pieces... the battery is leaking and is no longer recognised by the computer, the @ key has fallen off and the mouse pad requires a certain knack to get it to work! I had a rather mahussive tax rebate about a month ago and decided to use the money to purchase something decent. However, on a trip to PC World yesterday I fell in love with a Toshiba Satellite R830 which was kind of £200 more than what I was planning to spend... but it was perfect, and was everything I needed. I wanted something small and light and this was the best I could get with a CD drive which wasn't a MacBook. Anyway, so, to cut the story short, I bought it.

I had been thinking recently that I should stop buying so many clothes since I don't actually have the opportunity to wear them anymore; I have so many lovely things languishing in my wardrobe that it just seems silly to keep buying things to just have them sit there unworn. My make up consumption has also increased rapidly since getting addicted to YouTube (thanks Kathy!) and so I thought I will try and cut down for the next few months while I try to save and use the things I already have. However, there are a few things coming out in the next couple of months which I shall be making an exception for, such as the Naked 2 palette and the Iris Apfel for MAC collection. But if I have not bought anything else I will not have to feel guilty about those purchases!

God, how long has this post got? Sorry, I am rambling dreadfully. As I said, I am a little all over the place at the minute! I am going to shut up now. See you next week sometime.


  1. I seem to buy more clothes and have less chance to wear them! Love these outfits on you, ridiculously flattering :)

    Maria xxx

  2. That necklace is adorable :) x


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