Thursday, 12 January 2012

Make up rambling plus possible blog schedule?

Click here if you would like to see me rambling about make-up again. There may or may not be amusing interludes from my sister including soup and dancing.

I had a thought for possible new schedule (lol- I have never had any kind of schedule on this blog as I'm sure you all know!) but perhaps one make up post a week, one outfit post and one inspiration post? How does that sound?


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  1. Darliing, am confined to my bed in this godforsaken country *sniff* and this uh, vlog?? [I am not down with the blogging kids lingo lolz] has brought me MUCH glee <3 Totes hilaire, two of my favourite lines were "So much glitter" and "If you like vanilla then you'll bloody love this. And I do. *pauses reverentially* How creepy..." Blesh. One thing, I wish you hadn't listed the products underneath as I was much happier thinking you were wearing 'hoe' eyeshadow rather than 'haux'. I also muchly enjoyed the use of slow head shaking and 'bad times' at appropriate moments, beautifully executed. Next time I would like to see Ellie dancing ;) Regarding your future blog schedule plans, I will read everything and anything you write *^__^*


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