Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sale Goodness!

Er... this is all from M&S. All of it! Well, apart from the jewellery.

You know I mentioned how I needed to stop spending? Well, I definitely do now, since sales+my first real salary package+buying a new passport= very poor Hattie. Not very poor yet, but I am terrified that I won't have enough at the end of the month. I am very, very bad at budgeting. I think I may need to start dividing my monthly pay into weekly installments!

But anyway, I thought I would show you a few of the bits and pieces I have been spending said money on. I saw this top when it was full price but wasn't sure how the high neck and loose shift shape would look with my fairly hefty boobazookas ( I mean they're not massive, but I'm no Kate Moss!) However, the Peter Pan collar and squirrel print (yes, you read that right, squirrel print!!) meant that I could not resist it when I got it for £12. It is a little tight on the bottom, which means it balloons slightly oddly in the middle, but oh well. Squirrels!

But wait for it, there are better bargains to come... once again, I had my eyes on these heeled loafers when they were full price, but I simply couldn't justify adding to my rather extensive shoe collection when I wear the same shoes nearly all week! I stumbled across these by complete chance and had to buy them at the massively reduced price of £6. Yes, that's right, £6 from £45. There are moments when I love my job.

However, the bag was, if you can believe it, an even more impressive find. I served the lady who returned this bag when it was still £45 after being reduced from £85, and  I was quite taken with it then. I had never seen it in our store though and presumed it had been snapped up by some intrepid shopper. That was until I was helping a colleague rearrange and tidy our footwear and handbag section; imagine my delight when he wheeled out some old leftover sale stock and the bag was sat right on top of the pile! Even more delight when I saw it had been reduced to £15. Seeing as it was completely dead that Thursday evening (hence why I was helping out in the first place rather than being chained to the order desk) no customers bought it, and I raced in first thing Friday morning to snap it up! I am so, so happy with it. It is the most divine soft leather, which I'm  sure you can tell from how slouchy it is in the photos. I don't like short handled bags usually but this one is fine since it has the adjustable shoulder strap, and actually when the two are combined I find it useful to have something easy to grab onto when picking your bag up. Whilst it has no internal pockets, it does have this very handy little detachable pouch in which I store my smaller bits and pieces.

Basic point.... SO. FREAKING. NICE.

There are more sale things to show you but those shall have to wait for another post! The bag however is definitely the high point for me of all my purchases. I will hopefully post again at the weekend.


  1. M&S is really impressing me these days.. and those loafers are gorgeous! The bag is lovely too, M&S do such good reductions in the sales! xo


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