Saturday, 18 February 2012


I have always wanted to do posts showing off my rather extensive jewellery collection, but have been put off by the fact that is almost completely impossible to get good photos of jewellery without a fancy-ass camera- my little point and shoot's macro is not really up to the job! However, this new acquisition was far too beautiful not to share. Obviously there is some light bounce (is that the technical term?!) but actually, that kind of shows you how the duochrome looks. (Likewise, that's the word for eyeshadows- can I use that to describe this? You know what I mean- purpley/burgundy in one light, navy in another!)

I was bought this as a Christmas present by my parents, after being able to think of bugger all that I wanted. I had seen it whilst buying a bracelet for my Mum in the same jeweller, but would never buy it for myself due to the rather hefty price tag! However, as my Mum said to me, the whole point of presents is getting something you wouldn't buy for yourself. I was a little unsure about buying it because the assistant was keen to emphasise that it was a dress ring, and not one to wear everyday. I tend to treat my jewellery rather badly, leaving it in various pockets and bags, whilst my job involves rather a lot of lifting and getting into cardboard boxes! I decided to get it nonetheless, but was somewhat terrified. I wore it when I went to Bath to see Kathy, and was being ridiculously careful with it, but realised after not very long that the purple flower bit had come loose! I returned it and about a month later, it finally returned from their workshop. The girl did say that I need to avoid getting any water on it, since the flower is glued into place rather than soldered. Which perhaps explains why it came loose, since I may have washed my hands with it on! The stupid thing is, I always take my rings off before I wash my hands, because I hate that thing where your fingers stay damp underneath and then smell funky. But I didn't that day, since I was worried about putting my ring in my bag whilst I was in the loo in case it got squashed. I do feel though that you should be able to get some water on a item that is on one of the most exposed parts of your body! Oh well, at least I know now!

Ok, so I realise that was incredibly long winded and probably pretty boring... apologies. But its not exactly like you read this thing for my succinct and precise prose! I'm going to finish watching True Blood now and then go to bed. I'm been off sick from work the past few days after my slight cold developed into an absolute bitch of a fever/constant headache/coughing/sneezing my guts up, so I need my beauty sleep. Have a lovely weekend everyone. I will be continuing to rest and hopefully seeing The Woman in Black tomorrow. (For anyone who doesn't know, I have loved Daniel Radcliffe since I was 10. So all you ladies who are looking at him now thinking, 'Ooh, hes not looking so bad now is he?' lay off bitches! His millions and awkward laugh are mine!) (That was a joke by the way. Just in case it came off a bit scary. I do have an actual boyfriend.)


  1. This ring is beautiful. The shape is gorgeous :) I love Dan Radcliffe as well, haha, he is beautiful.


  2. This ring is gorgeous but it's silly that it isn't soldered on! Love the slight stalker edge at the end too ;)

    Maria xxx

  3. Gorgeous
    Now following you!
    Katie xx

    Dreaming of forever

  4. Ah, such a beautiful ring! Sounds like a bit of a scare to have seeing as it's so delicate - but so worth it. And thank you for your lovely comment, what a small world! I think I did go in Gazebo, it's such a cute shop - they all are! I always look forward to going down South for some proper shopping (and eating!), it must be so ace to work there! X


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