Monday, 6 February 2012

My first trip to Illamasqua!

Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow, Medium Pencil in Bait and MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick

So, I have returned from my travels around the North- I meant to blog as I went, but to be honest, I was having too much fun! I haven't got a huge amount of outfit photos since I was basically rotating around two pairs of jeans (it was so cold in Sheffield) but I do have one lot to show you, but I will do that post another day.

Firstly, a quick little post to show my main purchase from the trip. I was very excited to go to the Illamasqua stand in Manchester's Selfridges, since we have none anywhere vaguely near me and I have been after a few of their products for several months. I don't usually buy make up online and do like to check it in person, especially when it is this expensive! I first heard about the Cream Pigment in Hollow from Cami on Youtube, who swears by it as the best contour product for pale skin, due to its matt texture and non-orange colour! Caroline from Sparkly Vodka then praised it as the best she had ever tried, so I thought if I had the chance I would go to have a look at it. I've always thought contouring was a bit of a waste of time which wouldn't really make that much difference to my rather fat face, but I must admit, I had become rather curious. I had attempted it with a Soap and Glory bronzer but that just made me look like I had an orange beard. Not good.  Now I've started wearing more blush and attempting highlighting and the suchlike, I thought I would give it a go, although I decided that if this was no good I would just give up and stop wasting my money! However, this really is great and pretty much impossible to muck up since it blends out to such a subtle shadow. I just whack it on with my fingers because I am too lazy/cheap to buy a brush! I also prefer the look of face products when applied with my fingers, since if I use a brush it tends to sit on top of my dry skin and look really patchy. Anyway, this is just what I hoped it would be and I am really chuffed with it.

I bought MAC's Pink Nouveau lipstick probably around a year ago now, and despite loving the colour, have absolutely failed to wear it. The problem with it is, I have naturally very pigmented lips, and without any kind of base this colour goes really streaky and horrible on me. I have been searching for a lipliner for it ever since, but it has proved a somewhat impossible task! Even MAC themselves did not have anything even vaguely similar. Most lipliners are quite neutral or dark, and nothing was the right blue pink tone that the lipstick needed. I had looked pretty much everywhere and even gave the lipstick to Kathy for a while to see if she could provide with the love it deserves! The Illamasqua website however seemed to have a couple that might do the job, and after Kathy returned it to me, I took it along to have a look and lo and behold I finally found this pencil! I haven't had a chance to wear these two together yet since the weather has completely wreaked my lips but I am looking forward to it once the chance arrives.

Right, thats more than enough talking about make up for today! I do have several posts lined up to do but I have a pretty busy week (otherwise known as- working every day) until Saturday when I am heading up to London for an Oxfam blogger meet up, which I am very excited about. I feel so guilty at the minute that my blog isn't up to scratch, because I hate it being crap, but the demands of full time work and maintaining a long distance relationship (i.e. having to go visit my boyfriend on my free weekends) means that the blog just simply doesn't get as much time as it did in my student days. I hope that at some point soon I will be doing something slightly more interesting with my life that will allow me to make this blog how I want it, but at the moment it is suffering somewhat. As always, please provide me with feedback- my comments seem to have died somewhat recently, which I suppose is a natural result of me posting less frequently and perhaps commenting less on other blogs, but I really appreciate you telling me whether you like my posts or not. Else I feel like I am failing somewhat and have no one to tell me otherwise! Anyway, I'll stop whinging now. Better enjoy my last evening of freedom before returning to Customer Services... you can tell I'm excited can't you?!


  1. I really want to try Illamasqua makeup, it always looks fantastic, let me know how the contouring goes too, I have never managed to work it out!

    Maria xxx

  2. love the mac pink!! amazing colour! x


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