Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The art teacher's back again.

dress from local seconds store (I think it was originally White Stuff), M&S scarf and tights, Boden shoes, rings and bracelets from various local jewellery shops/gifts

I bought this dress from a local seconds shop a good few months ago, roughly before I slipped into my slight black coma. However, since spring appears to have finally sprung, I am starting to feel the urge to wear colour again. This usually translates into me dressing like an art teacher, definitely a look I am rocking here. I did wear my trusty denim skirt under this dress since it is a little short. I'm not entirely sure whether its meant to be a dress; it may be a tunic, but due to my tiny height it just about covers my bum! I really love the pink and turquiose together, especially combined with the vintage style roses. It also has that most desired of features on a dress- pockets!

I also loosely plaited my hair whilst wet this morning and it actually worked quite well at giving me some kind of wave! I am quite chuffed with it. Although saying that, I was looking back at pictures of my hair from about a year ago- it's a good 3 inches or so longer, which makes me sad. The problem is, I think the blond requires my hair to be short. It already snaps quite a bit at its current length and I think if I try to grow it, it will just look really manky and straggley, which is kind of the reason I had it cut in the first place. Argh, dilemma. #firstworldproblems To try and grow it longer or keep the blond? I don't know. Help me decide so I don't drive my hairdresser crazy with my constant back-and-forth.

Anyone else watch the first episode of the Apprentice tonight? I must admit, I hadn't really watched it before the last series, but that got me completely and utterly hooked. I think we (parents, sister et moi) decided to watch it after we stumbled across the final of the previous series and the infamous 'You're not even a fish' moment.... still makes me laugh just thinking about it. Also, is it wrong that anytime they said 'Bilyana', I just kept thinking 'Biryani'? I guess that's just a sign I maybe worked too long in the M&S Food Hall!

I think on that note it is bedtime. I clearly need to sleep.

(Ooh, but just to say- apologies about the gross close up of my neck and ear, but it's kind of difficult to photograph earrings in any other way. People may not think that's gross, but I find seeing my skin in that level of macro kind of icky. Especially when it's those photos that make me look like I have no chin, when in fact, I have way too much.)

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  1. I really like your hair this length but I know exactly what you mean with having a hair dilemma!Also you look great in colour WEAR MORE!;)

    Maria xxx


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