Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ooh shinies... gold rings I actually like.

I just received this gorgeous skull necklace from Little Nell after lusting for it after seeing it on Vicky.... problem is, I don't have many gold rings to wear it with. (I have this real thing about mixing gold and silver- IT CANNOT HAPPEN.) I also don't have any actual gold rings that aren't costume, which is kind of annoying. I only really wear my sterling silver rings now, because I am just fed up of the damn green finger!

I haven't managed to find much in the way of actual gold rings that I like... you seem to get much more interesting designs in silver,and they just aren't as readily available or cheap! However, I just stumbled across these two beauties on the Stolen Thunder website-

Apologies for the crappy tiny photos, I could only copy the thumbnails. Unfortunately, both of these rings are out of stock in my size! I think I will have to buy one though when they are available. In the past, I would have immediately gone for the rose ring, but I must admit I find myself more drawn to the wishbone one now, especially with the reversible detailing. I also think it might just be more practical, less likely to catch on things and such.

Will hopefully have some outfit pics for you tomorrow, I finally managed to get my hands on some mulberry jeans after looking for some for months!

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  1. Love Stolen Thunder!! ahh bet you cringe on most of mine haha always mix them <3


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