Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Slight Topshop overload.

Er... everything is from Topshop bar the ring and tights, which are of course trusty M&S.

I hate it when you have those outfits where you are dressed nearly top-to-toe in one shop, but since there aren't actually many items in this one I suppose its not too bad. I had wanted to get this dress after seeing it on Meg. However, I am so stingy now when it comes to Topshop... I refuse to buy things full price! This dress was originally £46, which I am sorry, is just ridiculous for a simple oversized tunic. I got it on sale for £25, which I think is about right. I'm not going to start shopping in Primark any time soon but I just think Topshop is so overpriced for the quality of the pieces. The bangles and earrings are also sale purchases. I'm presuming these bangles were on sale since the dip in them meant they don't fit over a lot of people's hands, but since I have tiny hands and wrists they suit me fine!

And er yes, the hair. I had just got so completely bored with it and it was not in good condition. The blonde bit kept snapping and I kept getting absolutely dreadful tangles in it that were almost impossible to get out, even with a Tangle Teezer. I always grow my hair with this intention of styling it and doing lots of exciting things with it, but the reality is that my hair is quite fine and doesn't hold curls at all well. I wasn't making it awesome like the Nash and so just thought, 'Bugger it. Let's chop it off.' I was a bit worried about having what is essentially my 5 year old haircut again, and thought it might make my face look tubby, but I am pretty pleased with it overall. Its taking a bit of getting used to but it is generally so much easier.

I am trying to take better quality pictures for the blog, with more detail shots and outside with better lighting! Do you think these are better? Hopefully one day I will be able to upgrade to a DSLR, but for the moment I just have to try and catch the best light I can and fiddle around with my tripod!

I've got one other outfit to post from my holiday as well but just wanted to share the hair with you first! But don't be confused if I suddenly seem to acquire several inches of hair in my next post, haha.


  1. gorgeous dress :)

    Your hair looks AMAZING, It's exactly how I want mine, just trying to grow my short side out!



  2. Your hair looks fantastic! I'm trying to growing mine out, and it's blonde, so I know exactly what you mean about the tangles! Sian x

  3. I just did the exact same thing with my hair! Except it was waist length red but the up keep is evil. Love the outfit and the hair is Devine!


  4. Hattie your hair looks amazing! Seriously not like a child at all. In fact I think it looks more grown up. It looks so neat and lovely.
    Also -yes the photographs look really good here. And I am jealous of your perfect looking nails. I did mine 3 days ago and they are already really chipped. I feel like getting up and doing them all over again now. :)

  5. I have this dress too, and sadly did pay full price! It is a lot, but the print was just so lovely I couldn't not. Your hair looks gorgeous too.

    Penny x

  6. GORGEOUS hair lovely, it really suits you! Love! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. |LOVE this outfit and I adore your hair!

    Maria xxx


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