Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Yes. I am a hideous outfit repeater.

M&S Limited Collection top and cardigan, M&S skirt, M&S shoes and watch.... (yeah, a slightly M&S heavy outfit!), ring and bracelet from Stolen Thunder, Topshop unicorn earrings

Perhaps I like this tee-shirt a little too much. The next few outfits I have to post will not be terribly exciting, since they are my holiday outfits, hence a limited wardrobe. I did however just want to show you the tee-shirt with the orange cardigan.

I also wanted to show you my new Stolen Thunder items. I must admit I haven't taken this ring off since I got it! It is so nice to finally have a gold ring that doesn't give me green finger and its just a really lovely everyday ring, not too flashy and fairly comfortable to wear. It does occasionally however get caught on things- I have to be careful when hanging knitted things up at work, but several of my other rings have that problem anyways.

I saw the leather wrap bracelet when placing my original order but at the rather hefty price of £30 I thought I would wait and consider the purchase. I then however received a £10 off new customer code so I went ahead and bought it. I don't wear bracelets very often because I usually have rather big rings on, but although this is quite chunky the simplicity of the design means it doesn't conflict too much with other jewellery. Its also useful for slightly roughing up more girly outfits, and I think it will be very useful in the summer with vintage-style fitted dresses. The detailing on the button fastening is one of my favourite features, and is exactly the reason why you should pay that little bit more for pieces by independent designers.

Unfortunately, not long after I got these pieces, Stolen Thunder closed down! I'm not entirely sure why, (there's not a huge amount of information on their website or Facebook page) but I am gutted since there were so many other things I wanted to eventually purchase. They had a final sale to clear their stock and I am also annoyed to have missed out on the bargains! Oh well. I am at least happy I got these bits before they closed.

And finally... unicorn earrings like my beloved cats. Love.

Oh, and I feel like because I'm useless and haven't posted for so long I need to update you on things... ok, not update you, just tell you where I've been! As I said, I was on holiday last week with my family, which was lovely. I'm back at work now and there is rather a lot going on at the moment that I can't be bothered to explain, but if I manage to actually get my life sorted out I will let you all know!

And I also may have chopped a lot of my hair off today- I'll show you all after I've washed it myself because its always a bit too neat for my liking straight from the hairdressers but I'm pretty pleased with it!

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