Sunday, 13 May 2012

Studs and skulls.

jewellery from Urban Outfitters

I had a day off on Tuesday but I completely missed the opportunity for photos, since it started pissing it down with rain by the time I went to take them! I could have taken some today, but I'm not wearing anything massively exciting. I have been very busy at work the last few weeks what with sale on and tons of offers, which means life on the returns desk is just a constant cycle of people returning crap... Urgh. I cannot wait until that beautiful wondrous day when the 'All sale is non-returnable' sign goes up.

However, luckily I have a little break scheduled in the form of a trip to Aberystwyth next weekend. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. It will be the last chance I get to go before everyone leaves, and I am just hoping that I manage to make the most of it and not be too sad like I was last time! For so much of my last year, I was just worrying so much about leaving that I didn't enjoy the time I had left. I am planning on getting Kathy to take lots of outfit photos for me so hopefully I shall have things to post! I have bought so many lovely things for the summer recently but its difficult to find time to take pictures, especially when the weather is so damn changeable. Like I said in my last post, I do still need to get rid of a load of stuff because I have bought so much since working full time. I don't have a crazy amount of stuff, but enough that I don't get to wear it all. My style has changed quite a lot over the last year or so and I think there are a lot of things that I used to love but just don't wear anymore. Blog sale will be coming soon!

Anyways, pictures are just of a few things I bought yesterday when I went to Exeter with my boyfriend, since I made him come to visit me this weekend because I worked all of the Bank Holiday weekend which he had off. I needed to go to Exeter since I had a problem with my Russell and Bromley loafers. They had split all down the side on the right shoe which, when you've paid £150 and only had them for 6 months is not on. I hate taking stuff back, I think perhaps even more now I work on a returns desk, and was prepared for a bit of a fight, but the manager was fantastic and just straight out gave me a replacement pair. I didn't even have my receipt or any proof of purchase. She did recommend that next time I needed them resoled I got them done at Russell and Bromley instead of going to a local shoe-repairers, since sometimes the glue they use to stick the sole down can shrink the leather, which may have been what caused them to split. I am so chuffed that they gave me a replacement pair, the customer service really was fantastic. I had this horrible vision of me having to argue it out with them (I've seen it happen often enough at work) and it was so nice to just be believed without loads of questioning.

Er, so yes, the jewellery... I should get round to this now, this post is freaking long enough already! I saw this necklace and immediately knew I had to have it. I seem to have developed a slight skull obsession as of late, but the thing I really love is pieces that mix that edginess with girliness- this necklace looks sweet and delicate from a distance, but in fact is tiny little skulls. The earrings are more just for my second piercing, I find it really difficult to find ones that are small enough for my tiny mouse ears!

I'm going to stop writing now, this post is too long and I have been staring at my laptop for so long my eyes hurt. I'll try and get a good photo on Wednesday and then hopefully lots of good posts next week! Something rather exciting may be happening at work as well, but I don't want to talk about it in case I jinx it.

Sleepy times for now.

Ooh, and my latest post for Oxfam just went up- go have a nosey if you fancy.

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  1. I love that necklace, it adds a bit of an edge to an outfit :)

    Maria xxx


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