Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Leopards and Swallows.

jumper and skirt- M&S, loafers- Clarks, rings from local jewellers apart from feather ring- Accessorize, earrings- Oxfam

Er.... so this is a teeny bit awkward. Did that thing again where I go on holiday, say I'll post loads and then promptly don't at all. And then continue to not post for another month.

In my defence, rather a lot has been going on recently! Where to start... so, went home for a week at the end of August for my birthday. I kept thinking about doing a birthday haul post but I wasn't sure really whether it would be that interesting... I ended up buying the bag and the loafers (which you can see above- duh) and getting a new Lancome lipstick. My boyfriend also very kindly bought me a Kindle which has been invaluable in actually allowing me to use the new bag since it is quite small! I shall do a post at some point with my recent reads because I've found now commuting for several hours a day means I read a fair amount.

My boyfriend Grant and I also finally went to Paris a few weekends ago. It was very nice but I must admit, quite tiring! It was rather warm and we did a lot of walking as you tend to do in cities. Our hotel was also a little out of the way and so we felt somewhat that we had to stay out all day and couldn't really pop back at all. We didn't really go out in the evening either, but our hotel had free films so we had a bit of a rest and watched some rubbish! I'd show you my pictures, but they're just very generic touristy pictures. I did buy some stuff while we were there, mostly skincare which I will do a post about soon.

Then as soon as I got back from Paris I started my new job as a Visual Merchandiser Stylist! See, told you I was busy! Everything is going very well so far. Its so nice to do something creative for a living, even if our mannequins are quite dictated by head office policy. However, on the occasions when we need to substitute a sell-out on a mannequin for something with plenty of stock, I basically get to play dress-up. Its quite hard work physically (finally should be shifting those bingo wings!) but it will do me good eventually, and that's always the best kind of exercise- the type you don't even realise you're doing! My hours are so much better now as well, so overall, things are going gooooooddd.

Went to an Oxfam blogger meet-up last weekend which was a really fun day. Met lots of lovely ladies who gave me a fair bit of wardrobe envy! I felt quite boring and unimaginative in my jeans and tee-shirt combo, even if it was my awesome Kate Nash one. I must admit as well, that another factor in my recent lack of posts has just been a general feeling of 'meh' about my body and my style. I don't want to go on about it, but I do feel sometimes that my weight (or my 'shape') restricts me from wearing things I'd really like to. I see a lot of stuff on other people that I love but I just feel I couldn't get away with because I'm too fat for it. I'm not asking for sympathy, I just wanted to explain that's why I haven't been posting so many outfit posts. Especially now my uniform-free days are so scarce, I just don't have the motivation or daring to put together a really good outfit. Most of the time I just whack on my jeans or one of my stretchy skirts (Exhibit A above) and a tee-shirt and call it a day. I have managed to lose a bit of weight already from my new job and I'm hoping to continue. I don't want to become a stick or anything, but I'd like to shift that extra stone or so that I put on at uni, just so I can feel a bit more confident in my clothing options.

(Ooh, and actually Vicki posted something very similar herself recently- I can totally see where you're coming from!)

Er, so after that slight detour there- yes, outfit above. I bought these amazing earrings from the Oxfam shop we visited on the day and I am in so in love with them, despite the fact they're clip-ons and I can only wear them for about 5 minutes before I feel like my ear lobes are going to drop off. I got this jumper from work recently- I couldn't resist the gorgeous swallow print and teal colour. The birds go all along the sleeves and around the back neckline as well. I will take some better photos for you some time so you can actually see the detail, unfortunately on the day in question it literally rained all afternoon- hence crappy indoor photo.

(Actually ended up swapping this particular jumper- turned out that this one was incorrectly labelled as a 14 when it was actually an 8! Makes me feel much better, I thought it was just a little tight from eating too many croissants in Paris. Correct size has now been purchased and will be snapped again at some point!)

I'm going to leave it there now because I have been waffling on for far too long now anyway. I will post again at the weekend- if I don't manage to get any photos, I will try and do one of the posts I've mentioned. Apologies again for being a crappy blogger, but as I'm sure you all know, sometimes real life does just get in the way a bit.


  1. YAY SHOE TWINS <3 Exciting times with your new job, we need to meet up soon, I am in Cheltenham to get my hair cut on 13th of you are around?

    Maria xxxx

  2. Gawd, clip ons are so painful! I'd rather get my ears re-pierced each time! Brutal. And fear not - blog mojo comes and goes. Just find your confidence and you'll be back at it easy. And check me out if you don't want to look at yet more glossy slim bloggers ;-)


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