Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Some semblance of a schedule coming soon.

 Ok. Here goes. I have formulated a plan/schedule for myself to get myself back into the habit of blogging regularly and hopefully to reignite my blogging mojo somewhat. I am going to attempt to post 3 times a week, in theory on a Tuesday, Thursday and once at the weekend.
- I am going to blog about beauty-type things on a Tuesday, so anything really, from skincare to make-up to hair, whatever I've been liking that past week.
- Then on a Thursday I'm going to have a 'free post' where I will post on lots of things, perhaps music, politics, or maybe some drawing or cooking I have done.
- And then, finally, at the weekend I will do an outfit post. Regardless of whether my outfits have been somewhat boring I will endeavour to record the scarce opportunities where I am not clad in my M&S uniform!

I am hoping that this new structure will instill some discipline in me and also perhaps ease the pressure slightly, since I won't always feel the need to have outfit pictures when at the moment it is just not practical. I hope as well that it will give me the confidence to post about other things and make this more of a general creative space rather than being exclusively being an OOTD type blog.

I will do my first new post tomorrow and I hope you all like it. I've been wanting to expand this blog into other directions for a long time now and am hoping this scheduling system will allow me to do it. I also really want to get back into blogging regularly!

Ooh, and just another quick mention- Grant and I should (fingers crossed, don't want to jinx it) should be moving out to our own place in a little less than a month, so I have started frantically pinning inspiration to Pinterest, just in case anyone fancied having a nosey. And I spose, since I never actually mentioned it on here, you might like to know I have a Twitter too; I warn you though, my tweets are few and far between.

I'm going to go now. New series of Him and Her to catch up on!


  1. YAYAYAYYAY so much in this post to make me happy, let me know when you are free after Crimbo and we can meet up :)

    Maria xxx

  2. Looking forward to reading more and seeing how your new direction shapes up! : ) x


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