Friday, 27 January 2012

Brogues... but trainers.

I spied these in the window of Schuh several months ago and cannot get them out of my head.  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get hold of them now. Whilst I prefer the mens leather version (purely for the extra durability) I know the ladies would be much more flattering. Since I got the blond chunk put in my hair, I have had an urge to dress like a rockabilly emo, which I am trying to resist. And also trying to resist the re-emerging desire to get my nose pierced (I considered it when I was about 17, but my friend told me I'd look like a dyke. Not to sound offensive, but I don't really want to look butch.)

I'm not even sure why I'm posting this to be honest. Probably because I won't be able to post any outfits until Sunday at least, so I thought I should provide with something to read. But perhaps this is just boring filler... I don't know. Are these sorts of wish list-esque posts interesting?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

FOTD: Figs and Stilettos.

If I'm going to try and do this Face of the Day malarky I am going to have to get better at taking photos. Preferably ones where I don't look like a ghost from the flash washout and SPF glow! Using the flash though was the only way to show up the colours properly and get the shimmer in the eyeshadow. Anyway, I was attempting to use my Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Stiletto, since its one of those products I always forget about. I used it as a base under Fig. 1 by MAC all over the lid, and Satin Taupe in the crease. I did have blush on but you can't really see in these photos! I teamed it with my version of a nude lipstick (my lips are very pigmented) MAC's Craving, worn with No7 Perfect Lips Liner in Plum. I haven't managed to capture how the Benefit cream shadow added a whole new dimension to Fig. 1, but I did feel rather impressed with my eyeshadow skills today, since I am really just an eyeliner and lipstick kind of girl. Also, my fringe clearly really needs a cut!

I don't know how many of you will be interested really in this sort of thing, so please give me some feedback. However, if you are interested in make-up, feel free to occasionally watch me witter on YouTube. (Although I admit I don't film as often as I would like, due to work and crappy light and the like.)

Sunday, 22 January 2012


ceramic deer ornament- £1 from Topshop!

So, I did my usual fortnightly visit up to my boyfriends this weekend with one little change from the usual... I met up with the lovely Maria, who I first met at the Birmingham Blogger Meet way back in July. We had some lunch in a lovely cafe in Cheltenham, and then did a little bit of sales browsing. We both got some bargains from Topshop, and although I am a numpty and forgot to take any pictures of the jumper which I wore yesterday, I can show you this little guy. I had no real reason for buying him other than he was rather adorable and was reduced to £3 from £12- imagine my delight when I got to the till and he had in fact been reduced down to £1! Clearly, meant to be. I know I am meant to be restricting my spending at the moment but I had to make an exception for this one afternoon- how can two bloggers together not do some shopping?!

I also completely forgot to ask Maria to take some photos of my outfit on the day, so I apologise, I completely failed on the outfit front this weekend, which is a shame since I wore some really nice new sale things. I shall endeavour to get some on my day off on Wednesday. I will also be having a holiday the week after next, visiting my oldest friend and my sister both at their prospective unis, and shall try and take daily pictures for you- I must make the most of a week of no uniform! Despite having this holiday planned, I have twenty billion things to organise at the minute, and am somewhat stressed at how up in the air everything is, but hopefully it shall be sorted soon. Lots of exciting things in the next few months, but a lot of sorting out to do first!

Saying that, I must go to bed.... work tomorrow *yawns*

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sale Goodness!

Er... this is all from M&S. All of it! Well, apart from the jewellery.

You know I mentioned how I needed to stop spending? Well, I definitely do now, since sales+my first real salary package+buying a new passport= very poor Hattie. Not very poor yet, but I am terrified that I won't have enough at the end of the month. I am very, very bad at budgeting. I think I may need to start dividing my monthly pay into weekly installments!

But anyway, I thought I would show you a few of the bits and pieces I have been spending said money on. I saw this top when it was full price but wasn't sure how the high neck and loose shift shape would look with my fairly hefty boobazookas ( I mean they're not massive, but I'm no Kate Moss!) However, the Peter Pan collar and squirrel print (yes, you read that right, squirrel print!!) meant that I could not resist it when I got it for £12. It is a little tight on the bottom, which means it balloons slightly oddly in the middle, but oh well. Squirrels!

But wait for it, there are better bargains to come... once again, I had my eyes on these heeled loafers when they were full price, but I simply couldn't justify adding to my rather extensive shoe collection when I wear the same shoes nearly all week! I stumbled across these by complete chance and had to buy them at the massively reduced price of £6. Yes, that's right, £6 from £45. There are moments when I love my job.

However, the bag was, if you can believe it, an even more impressive find. I served the lady who returned this bag when it was still £45 after being reduced from £85, and  I was quite taken with it then. I had never seen it in our store though and presumed it had been snapped up by some intrepid shopper. That was until I was helping a colleague rearrange and tidy our footwear and handbag section; imagine my delight when he wheeled out some old leftover sale stock and the bag was sat right on top of the pile! Even more delight when I saw it had been reduced to £15. Seeing as it was completely dead that Thursday evening (hence why I was helping out in the first place rather than being chained to the order desk) no customers bought it, and I raced in first thing Friday morning to snap it up! I am so, so happy with it. It is the most divine soft leather, which I'm  sure you can tell from how slouchy it is in the photos. I don't like short handled bags usually but this one is fine since it has the adjustable shoulder strap, and actually when the two are combined I find it useful to have something easy to grab onto when picking your bag up. Whilst it has no internal pockets, it does have this very handy little detachable pouch in which I store my smaller bits and pieces.

Basic point.... SO. FREAKING. NICE.

There are more sale things to show you but those shall have to wait for another post! The bag however is definitely the high point for me of all my purchases. I will hopefully post again at the weekend.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Make up rambling plus possible blog schedule?

Click here if you would like to see me rambling about make-up again. There may or may not be amusing interludes from my sister including soup and dancing.

I had a thought for possible new schedule (lol- I have never had any kind of schedule on this blog as I'm sure you all know!) but perhaps one make up post a week, one outfit post and one inspiration post? How does that sound?


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Basically the same outfit twice.

first outfit- Collection at Debenhams tee shirt, M&S skirt, Topshop boots, Accessorize necklace, MAC Impassioned lipstick

second outfit- M&S Limited Collection kimono, old M&S tee shirt, skirt, necklace and boots as before, MAC Media lipstick 

Er, so this is basically the same outfit with a different top... I am feeling quite lazy at the moment! Work is absolutely mental currently- working on a return desk at this time of year is just horrible. Hopefully within the next few weeks everything will calm down and I can feel vaguely human again! I have however found out that I have over TWO WEEKS HOLIDAY to take before the end of March! Which is somewhat fantastic even if it is proving a little difficult to fit it in before then.

Both of these tops are sale purchases- the star tee shirt was found in Debenhams when I was loitering waiting for a bus one day, and was £7.50 down from £25, and I am so, so pleased I picked it up. It is absolutely perfect in terms of shape- just the right amount of slouch which doesn't make me look completely shapeless, not too short sleeves and the neckline is just right. I had seen this kimono in work several months ago but just couldn't justify spending £30 on it because I wasn't sure whether I would wear it or not; however, reduced to £17 I thought it would be worth a try! I wore it to go to Bath last week to meet up with Kathy. We had a lovely day shopping and coffee drinking and I bought some rather pricey bits of make up which I will show in a haul video at some point next week... suffice to say I am a little poor now! I also purchased a new laptop yesterday since my Sony Vaio is about three years old and is literally falling to pieces... the battery is leaking and is no longer recognised by the computer, the @ key has fallen off and the mouse pad requires a certain knack to get it to work! I had a rather mahussive tax rebate about a month ago and decided to use the money to purchase something decent. However, on a trip to PC World yesterday I fell in love with a Toshiba Satellite R830 which was kind of £200 more than what I was planning to spend... but it was perfect, and was everything I needed. I wanted something small and light and this was the best I could get with a CD drive which wasn't a MacBook. Anyway, so, to cut the story short, I bought it.

I had been thinking recently that I should stop buying so many clothes since I don't actually have the opportunity to wear them anymore; I have so many lovely things languishing in my wardrobe that it just seems silly to keep buying things to just have them sit there unworn. My make up consumption has also increased rapidly since getting addicted to YouTube (thanks Kathy!) and so I thought I will try and cut down for the next few months while I try to save and use the things I already have. However, there are a few things coming out in the next couple of months which I shall be making an exception for, such as the Naked 2 palette and the Iris Apfel for MAC collection. But if I have not bought anything else I will not have to feel guilty about those purchases!

God, how long has this post got? Sorry, I am rambling dreadfully. As I said, I am a little all over the place at the minute! I am going to shut up now. See you next week sometime.