Tuesday, 1 January 2013

M&S lace top, Phase Eight jeans, Accessorize shoes, Autograph at M&S necklace, Olivia Burton watch

Hhhhmmm. Last time I tried to blog, way back in November, Blogger told me that I couldn't upload any more photos since I had reached my photo storage limit. However I tried again today on the off chance and it seems to be fine... Anyway, Happy New Year everyone! I hope you've had a lovely festive season. Myself, I have been working the whole time (oh the joys of retail) whilst trying to decorate and furnish a completely empty flat. 2012 was a tough year for me; after graduating in the summer of 2011, I had nearly a year of uncertainty whilst I waited for my boyfriend's temporary job to be made permanent. Even after this happened and I moved up to live with him (and his parents) things still weren't fantastic, what with me going back to the Foods department in M&S with horrible working hours. However, in the last few months everything has started to come together. I managed to get a job working as a stylist in my store, and we moved out a few weeks ago. Everything is still very much a work in progress (the living room is about the only room we've managed to get nearly all the furniture for!) but its so nice to finally be settled in our own place and not have to commute for two hours a day! So, my main goal of the year has indeed been accomplished.

I haven't made any new resolutions for this year since I want to just keep working on those I set before my 22nd birthday. There are however a few of those that I have done;

4. Get a tattoo.

This actually happened way back in October but I was intending to blog about after I'd gone to have it touched up. As it happens, November and December were way too busy and so I still haven't made it back to the tattoo parlour! I've always wanted a tattoo but have never had the nerve until a few months ago. As I said earlier, moving away from home in the summer to start work in a completely new city was somewhat terrifying, but also very liberating. After the move the thought of getting a tattoo didn't seem so scary anymore. I went to Grizzlys Art Tattoos in Coventry and was tattoed by a very nice lady called Joanne. I was absolutely terrified on the day (Kathy will confirm this- I had really bad nervous twitches and couldn't stop jigging around all over the place) but as soon as I walked into the place I actually felt much calmer. The other tattoo artists also turned round and smiled at me which immediately made me feel much better. It sounds silly but I was quite nervous about walking into a tattoo parlour full-stop, (I'm a walking stereotype of churchy middle-class girl- I work for M&S after all!) but I felt much less anxious as soon I actually got through the door.

The actual tattoo is a tiny seagull on the inside of my left wrist. Its not really distinguishable as a seagull to anyone else but I know that's what it is! I personally prefer plain black tattoos as I think they age better, so I didn't really want any other detail. I wanted a seagull for a few reasons; since moving to the centre of the country, I've really missed the seaside. Having grown up near Plymouth  and then studying in Aberystwyth, I've been near the sea my whole life. The tattoo is partly to remind me of home and also to calm me down in times of stress. I'm quite an anxious person but the sea makes me feel much more relaxed. Even now I can just think of Aberystwyth and walking along the seafront at night and I feel much better. I originally wanted to get a flock of seagulls down my wrist but decided to start with just the one. I ended up having it further down my wrist than I originally intended (if you have it too far up it ends up being in the fold that's created when you bend or flex) so it was probably good I only wanted the one for the time being. It needs touching up     to fill in the blank spot near the beak and to thicken the middle of the right wing, but generally I'm very happy with it. Its not the most creative or exciting tattoo but it means something to me, and I quite like the doodle-like quality of it. I haven't caught the tattoo bug (whatever anyone tells you, it hurts like an absolute bitch!) but I may add to it at a later date. I'll see how it looks when its neatened up first!

Anyway, enough about that for now, I have rambled on for long enough! So, other goals....
- 5. Move into our own place. Done.
- 6. Go to as many gigs as possible. I'll go into a little more detail about that in my next post!
- 8. Get a job I actually enjoy. I have now got one I enjoy, one that challenges me a bit more might be the next step!
- 13. Use my passport and go to Paris. Done in September!
- 19. Figure out what I actually want this blog to be. Hopefully might start looking better soon when I get on with this schedule!
- 23. Wear lipstick more. I have certainly been doing this, maybe I should take a quick photo of every time I wear one for a record!

The other 16 I'm still working on.

And now I am going to end this post because it's already enormous. See you all on Thursday, as long as Blogger still lets me upload photos *fingers crossed*


  1. Congrats on the new job. Maybe that's everything starting to fall into place...x

  2. Lovely outfit, the Cat shoes are lovely! You're brave to be able to put aside your anxieties and get a tattoo, even going in with my husband while he has one can be enough to make me vomit!

    Have fun decorating your flat, I've been in my home a year now and still haven't finished so i'm turning it into a bit of a hobby instead.

    Lola xo

  3. I love your tattoo, you will have to send me your address too and we will have to meet up soon :)

    Maria xxx

  4. Congrats Hattie! I like the tattoo, and I am with you on missing the sea. No where feels quite as good as staring out to the sea in Aber.

    Also, Happy New Year!

  5. Congrats! Love your tattoo :)


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