Sunday, 20 January 2013

Shorts on Safari.

Limited Collection at Marks and Spencer shirt, M&S Woman cardigan, Dorothy Perkins shorts, Accessorize shoes

Ok. I realise I'm not managing three times a week but I am getting better aren't I?! I haven't exactly had anywhere to go this weekend either, what with all the silly snow. Grant and I had plans to go to Ikea to get ourselves a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, but unfortunately our clothes will remain strewn all over the floor for a week or so longer.

I can actually provide you with a link to this shirt because its current stock! So many of my clothes are pretty old or ones I bought in sales so its very rare I actually show you something you can buy, but when this shirt came into work I knew I had to get it. Despite the fact its sleeveless I just fell in love with the colour and the safari print. I also really love the contrast of the black and white pattern with the coral and the black collar. Its one of those items I'd like to wear buttoned all the way to the top but alas, that styling trick does me no favours. 

I also finally succeeded in finding a pair of shorts that don't rid up in between my thighs and end up looking like an inverse nappy.  These ones strangely seem to be alright despite seeming too short. It also helps that they're black denim and I wear them with very thick tights! I think they look ok, I must admit it is nice to not have to worry about pulling my skirt down incessantly. They're one of those things I have been looking for for ages, but I do feel quite nervous in them. Not to sound bitchy, but I really didn't want to look like one of those chubby girls trying to pull off things they really can't, but I think by effectively blending them in with my tights and keeping everything quite matt and opaque they're just about passable.  

Oh, also apologies for my slightly deranged face in the second photo, but I thought it would be nice to have a second one that wasn't just me staring down at my feet!

Better tootle off to bed now, back to work tomorrow *yawn* Hoping I'm not the only one in because of the snow! There are many, many advantages to living so close to work now, but I must admit, I do miss having a snow day! Hope you've all had a lovely time in the white stuff, or if you're like me and you had plans, that it hasn't scuppered them too much. 


  1. Great find! I love the colour.

  2. You look amazing, I love this shirt and I will definitely be hunting this down! Hope you get to Ikea soon! :)

    Maria xxx

  3. Aww I don’t think your face looks deranged, don’t be silly! And I have a chest of drawers and my clothes are still strewn all over the floor…what’s my excuse haha? And I love that top, it’s such a fun print and color! Don’t tempt me with that link girl

    Xo Marlen
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