Sunday, 17 March 2013

Recently I've been...

(high five if you knew where I was going with that)

I'm not even going to apologise now.

What I've been doing recently,

Treating myself to fresh flowers to brighten up our little kitchen,

Collecting drawing materials to start work on this fantastic book,

Some new reading material after finishing Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, which just to say, was absolutely INCREDIBLE.

Listening to the new Kate Nash album obsessively ever since buying it. Conventional Girl is on constant loop in my head.

Made a healthy food choice for once and had a salad, even if it was covered in blue cheese and bacon....

 And then compensated with pecan pie and amazing ice-cream which had white chocolate, cookie dough and butterscotch pieces in...

Kathy feeling smug and virtuous with her salad, at George and Danvers, Oxford. 

Matching my jewellery to my tee-shirt. Yeah, I'm cool. 


  1. I LOVE pecan pie and that ice cream sounds amazing!

  2. I've been treating myself to flowers as well. It's still snowing out so there should at least be Spring inside!

  3. If I said the words "hopelessly reaching/out for this girl/who's out of this world/believe me" - would I get a high-five!?

    1. Yes yes indeed you would *high five*

  4. Yay you're back! That book looks amazing, I wish I could draw! Meet up soon?

    Maria xxx


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