Monday, 13 May 2013

Coraline Cowboy Boots.

H&M jumper dress, Mtng Originals boots from Polly, Aberystwyth

Just in case you didn't know which film character I was referencing in this outfit, here's a little picture for you. Ever since I saw Coraline a few years ago, I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of blue cowboy boots. Now, I must admit, this search had not been particularly fruitful, so imagine my delight when I spot these beauties in the window of my favourite Aberystwyth shop! I raced back to get them the next day and have been stupidly excited about them ever since. I still can't quite believe how perfect they are. Not too high a heel, end at just the right point on my leg, nice metal detailing around the toe and the heel... Sigh.

Because I'm secretly a 6 year old inside I obviously had to attempt to dress myself in a full Coraline outfit, although I must admit I did hold off at the yellow raincoat. Saying that though, I have actually recently bought a yellow raincoat, but I am planning on doing a whole separate post on that at some point. And I really would like to have blue hair... Let's not get too carried away shall we?

In other news, I have been fairly busy over the past few weekends- meeting up with Kathy and Maria to go to a vintage fair in Oxford and heading back to Aberystwyth for the Bank Holiday weekend. I shall do some posts on those soon, but I was just too damn excited about the boots to not show you already! Although to be honest, this is a fair chunk of my Aber post really, all the rest is just a picture of some cake and the seaside. But you know, who doesn't love some cake and seaside?

I'm going to bed now before I prattler on any longer.


  1. I love it Hattie! I always thought Coraline was one stylishly dressed girl and if those were the boots you were aiming for, you got it spot on.

  2. These boots are BEAUTIFUL! I have never seen Coraline (shock horror!) but I am definitely loving your outfit here!

    Maria xxx

  3. I love this outfit! The boots are perfect. I really want to re-watch Coraline now :)

  4. OH MY GOSH. Coolest outfit inspiration ever! I'm a sucker for Cowboy boots too, I actually spent months looking for the perfect red pair so I could dress like Marceline from Adventure Time! Haha.


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