Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Creative Initiative #1, 2, 3.

The Creative Initiative #1
Theme: Free Sketch

The Creative Initiative #2
Theme: What did you do today?

The Creative Initiative #3
Theme: Get Outdoors!

Apologies for my absence the last few weeks. I must admit, the rapidly fading light caught me out several times; coupled with Christmas fever kicking in at work resulted in me missing a few weeks. Anyway, I am back now with somewhat of a dumping catch-up post for the Creative Initiative!

If you remember my '23 before 24' post, one of my goals was to do some kind of drawing every day. Now, that hasn't really happened. However, when I read about the Creative Initiative it seemed like the perfect thing to get me back in the swing of drawing more regularly, and also something to post about every week. Now, I did only find out about it in the second week, and ever since have been playing catch-up to try and get the drawings done in the first place but also take the pictures to post! I am off this Thursday however, so, fingers crossed, if I get the 3 remaining weeks done by then I will have caught up. The basic idea is that you create some piece of 'art' each week (whether that be a drawing, photo, painting etc) on a set theme, and then share your work with with the others taking part.

For the first week, the theme was 'Free Sketch', so I drew what was directly in front of me: the end of my bed. For some reason I've always found drawing before bed a really relaxing past-time, and often my best drawing seems to be done whilst I'm a little sleepy!

Week 2's theme was 'What have you today?', so I chose a few elements of one Sunday to sketch. My boyfriend and I went to a Farm Centre outside Oxford for a little afternoon trip, partly because he is a little obsessed with birds of prey and they have a Falconry Centre there. Hence the flying owl; I didn't do the drawing whilst watching the flying display but did it at home from a picture later. We also went to their Farm Shop and bought some of the most delicious pork pies, which were so good I felt they needed to be recorded! I was pretty chuffed with my owl drawing even if he did turn out a little squint-eyed.

The theme of 'Get Outdoors!' proved a little more difficult since by the time I remembered I needed to draw it was normally dark outside! Instead I decided to take inspiration from the sky instead. I wanted to try and draw Orion in a moody dark night sky but unfortunately my watercolour pencils didn't quite give the right effect. Need to get my inks out again methinks!

I'll do my best to catch up and give you all an up to date post on Thursday! Is anyone else taking part in the Creative Initiative or trying to reignite their artistic passions some other way?


  1. Wowee, your sketches are amazing, I really wish I could draw!

    Maria xxx

  2. Your sketches are lovely! What a brilliant initiative to get yourself more in the creative mood and back into drawing.


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