Saturday, 27 April 2013

Oh dear. Its flamingos now, not just cats and giraffes.

Marks and Spencer Limited Collection dress, M&S Woman cardi, M&S shoes(!), scarf bought in France, silver bangle a gift, stone bangles from Space in Penzance, rings from Stars, Aberystwyth 

Oh, I'm so out of practice with outfit photos. You know, as I was uploading these pictures I found so many on my camera that I've taken in the last few months but never uploaded, because I'm just not happy with either the outfit or the lighting. It's just difficult nowadays. I feel like such a slob half the time, and like I don't really have anything very exciting to show you all anymore. I tend to just wear tee-shirts and cardis all the time. And the same 2 or 3 skirts on rotation. This was only amplified whilst on holiday due to packing restraints, but I thought I better show you my favourite new dress. Well I say new, it went into the last sale at work, and I think I've had it since February. Not quick on this malarky eh am I, I am never going to do very well with sponsored posts or affiliate links!

Anyway, a dress with flamingos and an elasticated waist- who am I to say no to that?! I've worn this so many times that in that strange way I haven't gotten around to photographing it, because its become so ingrained in my wardrobe. I also bought these new bangles when I was on holiday because they are so lovely and simple to wear. They look really nice with my rings and I've been wearing them every day since.

I don't have much more to say really. I have had a lovely day out today with Maria and Kathy, doing some shopping at the Oxford Vintage Fair and in my local Waterstones. But I will tell you all about that another day, along with some pictures. Exciting as the vintage fair was, the purchase I am most pleased with today is my hardback colour edition of Scott Pilgrim. So pleased that I am going to go read it now. Toodles.