Monday, 24 June 2013

Daisies and Diamonds.

shirt, earrings and necklace, all Limited Collection at Marks and Spencer, skirt and shoes both M&S Woman at Marks and Spencer

So much M&S, I know. But it's hard when you work somewhere and they keep having 20% off deals. Now, this shirt represents something of a sartorial challenge for me. It's a small detail I know, but for the first time, I have buttoned my shirt all the way up to the collar. I've always wanted to try it, but what with having a rather stumpy neck and a fairly substantial chest (I mean they're not mahoosive, but they're not exactly pancakes either) I have always been rather apprehensive. But after seeing both Rebecca of It's Cohen and Carrie of WishWishWish (not to sound creepy, but ladies who both have considerable bosoms) pull off buttoned-up blouses recently I decided it was my time to attempt it. I think the reason I don't look too matronly is the oversized fit of this and the small print. I absolutely love the daisies and the colours in this, and have actually also bought the dress. I paired it with purple lipstick here but it also looks awesome with orange, and I think would look pretty good with something that picked up the redder flowers too. I don't think I've been so excited about an item of clothing in a long time, I keep thinking of different combinations to wear it with. In fact, I actually wore it yesterday to go to London Zoo, but didn't manage to get any pictures, so came home, washed it last night and then put on exactly the same outfit today just so I could get some photos.

Also, amusing story- I was explaining to my Mum about the shirt over the phone, and it turned out she'd already bought it herself. And then we were both wearing it today, 300 miles apart, in the same shirt. Lols.

In other news, my new desk arrived yesterday and I now finally have my own little creative space for sewing and blogging and such. I'll do a whole dedicated post on it when I've got it just how I want it, because you know, I'm sad. And I'm also a nosey bastard and know that I find those sorts of posts fascinating, so why wouldn't you all? Hopefully it will also mean more blogging, so yay times all round.

But right now, sleep times. Toodles.