Sunday, 10 November 2013

Headington Haul.

One of the goals on my 23 before 24 list was to do more charity shopping. When I was at university, nearly all my purchases were from my local charity shops. However, since moving to Oxford I've been completely unable to suss out where all the gems were hiding! There aren't many charity shops in the centre of Oxford and so I had to venture a little further afield to find them. I was informed by some Oxfam friends that Headington had a huge selection and so I trekked off on a bus to the other side of town.

I am really pleased with all these purchases and have worn them all already apart from the scarf! My favourite is the shift dress which is originally a Peacocks piece. Whilst its not going to last forever, I just adored the print. I've got rather a paisley obsession at the moment! I wouldn't have looked at it before I dyed my hair because the colours wouldn't have suited me, but it looks quite nice now.

I have possibly one of the world's biggest collections of scarves but when I saw this East one in Oxfam I had to buy it. It's one of my absolute favourite colours, a deep fuchsia, and is so incredibly soft. I also love how big it is- I hate it when you don't have enough scarf in which to bury your face when the winds are howling. The cardigan was also bought because of the colour- I've got a couple of cardis in this shade which really need to be thrown out, but I can't bear to because they're so useful! Hopefully this will be a worthy substitute. The striped top was brand new with the tags still attached, and whilst being very similar to this one I already own, looked comfy and slouchy enough to allow me to spend the grand total of £4.25 on it.

All in all, I was pretty chuffed with the results of my afternoon, and I am glad I now know where to head for some bargains. Hopefully I will get back into charity shopping more regularly, and with this plunder just from one trip, I think I'd be a fool not to go again soon!