Sunday, 9 February 2014

Common Sentiments.

H&M dress, Limited Collection at M&S cardi, M&S shoes

I went on a little trip last weekend to Banbury to take my sewing machine to a repair centre and so got to visit a H&M for the first time in absolutely ages. I used to buy a lot from H&M back in the day, and was really excited to go to get some bits, but nothing really appealed to me until I was heading out of the shop and happened to glance upon this floral number. It looked so comfy and easy to wear and I imagine it will be great in the summer because its nice and thin with decent three-quarter length sleeves. Irritatingly as soon as I got it home to try it on I noticed it had a hole in the armpit, but since we don't go over to Banbury very often, I decided to keep it and just do a little repair on it myself. Whilst its a little long to wear with tights now (I look a bit mumsy!) its just the right length for covering my pudgy knees in the summer. Coupled with my trusty old comfy cardigan it was a perfect Sunday outfit for mooching around the flat.

I've just ordered myself a pair of cherry red Doc Martens after being undecided for a few months... I have a pair of black patent 1460s that you'll have seen a few times if you've been reading for a while, but I wear them very rarely. I'm not sure what it is- I worry about them being unflattering on my chunky legs, and that they make me look like a 15 year old emo, what with the black patent. But after being inspired by this lady in particular, I decided that a pair of Oxblood ones might be that little bit more wearable. I think they would look lovely with this dress, even though the longer length combined with the boots might make me look about two feet tall.

I'm having rather a strange time at the moment. The realisation that it will be 3 years since my graduation in July has terrified me somewhat. In many ways I feel like I have done so little in that 3 years, in terms of job prospects and 'graduate-level' work. At the same time, I know I have accomplished a lot, maintaining a long distance relationship for a year under pretty stressful circumstances, moving to a completely new city, and furnishing our first real home (even if it is kind of tiny with no room for a cat or tumbledryer). I feel like I've been in some kind of limbo for the last 3 years, whilst I wait for my 'real life' to begin. I'm really hoping that this will be the year that things finally start to feel like they're falling into place. In the mean time, I'll just listen to this song over and over to remind me that things will eventually get better. I'm just hoping its soon.