Sunday, 9 March 2014

Dr. Martens, Dangly Earrings and Dinosaurs.

Monsoon embroidered jacket, dress by M&S Collection at Marks and Spencer, Dr. Martens boots, East scarf, Dr. Martens x Liberty satchel, Accessorize earrings, usual rings and bracelets

Apologies for so many photos, I thought I could maybe split this post into two, one of the outfit and one of the Museum, but I kind of like having them together, how the outfit fitted into the rest of my day. Also sorry for not posting in so long. I went home for a couple of days a few weekends ago, and was all excited to take lots of outfit photos, and then promptly left my camera at home. What a div. My next weekend off was taken up with plenty of dancing at the Oxford Swing Festival, which despite leaving me hobbling for a few days after, was absolutely amazing. This week, I had my first driving lesson in 2 years, which went surprisingly well, and danced my socks off yet again seeing We Are Scientists on Thursday night. I'm planning on travelling to London on a school  night to see them in a fortnight because they were so damn good.

Grant and I had a fantastic day yesterday at the Oxford Natural History Museum, and then went to see the Lego Movie in the evening, which looked incredible but was also really funny and clever. I got a little snap happy in the Museum and ended up taking around 150 photos, so I had to limit myself somewhat to only post 6 here! Not being a massive fan of science, I didn't expect to love it that much, but it was so inspiring. My favourite bits were the rocks and minerals gallery, and the section where they had all kinds of insects on display, from tiny beetles and fleas to huge exotic butterflies. I also loved these shells which somehow reminded me of the poor unfortunate souls in Ursula's cave in The Little Mermaid. My mind was buzzing with all kind of ideas when I was in there, from intricate shapes that would be beautiful as jewellery to strange creatures you could conjure from the bizarre specimens they had on display. I want to go back in the week sometime on a quieter day to do some sketching. How many other places could you sketch a full size dinosaur skeleton?! Living in Oxford sometimes is a massive pain, but moments like that totally make up for it.

So, I guess I should probably talk about the outfit now shouldn't I? I bought this gorgeous embroidered jacket from Monsoon when I was at home the other weekend, for the bargain price of £27, instead of £90. I'm kind of obsessed with it. I didn't want to wear anything too distracting underneath so just wore this plain empire line dress from work, which is actually meant to be a top, but because I'm so short... it comes to halfway down my thighs. These Doc's aren't actually the ones I originally ordered that I mentioned a few weeks ago. Several failed delivery attempts resulted in a very grumpy me with no boots, but I'm actually pretty chuffed because I then found these for an ridiculously good price on Amazon and they were delivered the next day. These are actually the exact style that Helen wears, which are nicer than the bog standard ones because the leather is that much softer and it has a nice sheen to it. Saying that, they still cut my feet to shreds, even with plasters applied beforehand. I'm really chuffed with them though and can't wait for them to be bearable to wear! I just realised whilst looking at these photos that this outfit has a definite air of my 13 year old hippy punk look, but hopefully now it looks slightly more sophisticated and less comical!

I better get off to sleep now since I once again have a rather busy week ahead of me, as I'm sure you all do. Apologies for the length of this post, but as always, when I haven't posted for a while I tend to then bombard you with a huge stream of me jabbering on. Anyway, sleepytimes. I hope everyone's had a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine.