Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Caitlin Moran was right.

Oh, the irony of wishing for some good light to take photos and then you have one of those beautiful sunny days which bleaches all the colour out. I have tried editing these to get the colour more true to life and not so wishy washy, but unfortunately every time I tried to adjust something it just looked weird, so I've had to leave them as they are. Also, apologies for the weirdness of my feet. They're such ugly things, but I wanted to show you my rather fabulous new sandals from Clarks. Granted, they look a little granny-esque from the side, with their moderate cork heel, but they are so. damn. comfy. I wore them for 4 days straight. Brand new from the box, no blisters, red raw patches or anything. I love them for their slightly ugly 70s vibe and the mustard colour- Caitlin Moran was so right, yellow shoes do go with everything.

I hope this dress looked more flattering in real life than it does in these photos! I hate it when something looks OK in front of the mirror, but as soon as you stand still for a photo it has the ability to make you look like a sack of potatoes. But anyway, its comfortable, paisley print and comprises several of my favourite colours.

These photos were taken on Saturday when we went for a day trip to Kelmscott Manor, William Morris' holiday home in the Cotswolds. Irritatingly I had taken my camera but had left my memory card in my laptop... *facepalm* Despite my little hiccup, I still enjoyed being a massive Rossetti geek (oh dissertation how I miss you) and my boyfriend even enjoyed himself a little, which is frankly a miracle. He is not one for looking around old houses generally, so I was pleased that he didn't just feel like my personal taxi!

Does anyone have any nice plans for the Bank Holiday weekend? I've got a birthday party to go to on Saturday, and then a family meal on Sunday evening. The rest of the time shall be spent preparing my flat ready for my Mum to visit for a quick stay over half-term.

Now I must off to bed, because I need to get up a little earlier in the morning to go to the polling station. I urge you as an ex-Politics student to please go and use your vote tomorrow! Nothing gets me more angry than a young generation who complain about politics not engaging with them when they refuse to use one of their most basic rights. You don't have to agree with everything a party or candidate says to vote for them. Going for the one that best represents your views (even if not in every aspect) is much better than not voting at all.

Lecture done now. Goodnight.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Piercings and Paisley.

Topshop army jacket, Peacocks dress via charity shop, Dr. Martens boots, bag by Disaster Designs, earrings from Claire's Accessories

On Saturday Kathy popped up from London for a well needed catch-up. She was also there to act as moral support for my nose piercing. I have wanted my nose pierced since I was 17 but was put off by various things- the possibility of infection, looking 'butch', how exactly you blow your nose... But after getting my tattoo 18 months ago I decided that life was too short. Whilst right now wasn't exactly the best time to get it (I am suffering somewhat with the damn pollen) I am so happy to finally have it done. Sure, it's kind of disgusting right now, and it still hurts several days later, but it looks just how I wanted. It even makes me feel a little happier about wearing my glasses (no doubt inspired by this lady, or this one.)

Anyhow, this dress has become an absolute favourite of mine since I bought it from a charity shop way back in November. I love the paisley print and the shift style- it is so easy to wear. I teamed it with my Dr Martens boots (which are getting comfier by the day) and faithful Topshop jacket for something of an outfit no-brainer.

One other thing- I had my hair cut on Friday and my hairdresser showed me this ingenious way of drying your hair curly, which is responsible for the waves displayed above. I've done it myself today and oh my goodness, it's the best way I've ever found of curling my hair. My hair is naturally pretty straight with a tendency to flick out at awkward angles, and never holds a curl for more than a few hours. This however stayed put all day and into the next with a minimum of product and very little effort! I'm happy to do some kind of tutorial if people would be interested, because I feel this needs to be shared with the world. Seriously, I am so happy to have finally found something that is so easy and long-lasting!

Now I am off to bed because I've been up watching Order of the Phoenix for the umpteenth time. Damn you ITV for showing Harry Potter so often...