Sunday, 28 September 2014

New Necklaces.

beetle ceramic necklace by François Echappé, triangle necklace by Wolf and Moon from Arts at the Old Fire Station Shop, feather necklace from Aspire Style, bird skull necklace from Moon Raven Designs on Etsy

I'm sure you all know by now that I am something of a magpie. Despite the fact I wear the same jewellery most days (see my holy triumvirate of rings) I can't help myself when I see something pretty, especially if that something is made by an independent designer. Here are a few pieces I have recently acquired (two I bought myself, two were gifts) that I have been particularly pleased with.

The ceramic beetle necklace is one I bought recently on holiday from a small arts cooperative. When I first got it it didn't have the worn-away grey bit on the side; that was due to me carrying it around in my handbag... I quite like it though, I think it adds a bit of a 'lived-in' feel to it. As in my last post, bug jewellery is some of my favourite; I like that this one looks pretty classy and simple but still has that creepy crawly factor!

The acrylic and wood necklace was a rather lovely present I received upon finishing my internship. Even though gold is not usually my chosen colour, I love the mixture of textures that you get from the combination of materials used. Its sufficiently neutral to go with a lot and I know that it will get a lot of wear in the autumn/winter months.

I'm sure I've mentioned Aspire Style on this blog at least once or twice; its basically one of those shops I can't go into without buying something. I originally bought this necklace for a friend for her birthday, and had to go back for one for myself when I kept lusting after it on social media! Its really nice to wear with pieces that are a bit more open around the neckline because of the way it sits on your collarbones. Its simple enough to go with lots of things but can also add that finishing touch to an outfit.

And finally, the slightly controversial one... Now, I know this necklace may not be everyone's cup of tea. But as I'm sure you can tell from my bug jewellery obsession, I do like my shinies a little on the morbid side. I asked for this sterling silver necklace for my birthday because I wanted something to wear everyday that was a little more unusual than a standard chain. I had been looking at Moon Raven Designs on Etsy for a long time; the shop stocks an amazing array of beautifully detailed pieces in many different finishes. It took me a while to decide which one I wanted but I settled on this small bird's skull. It's the perfect size for everyday wear and feels so well-made.

I'm having a rather relaxing weekend, catching up on some housework and doing a bit of baking, before settling down for Downton tonight- very excited!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Les Insectes.

Limited Collection at Marks and Spencer top (old), M&S Collection at Marks and Spencer maxi skirt, Office sandals c/o House of Fraser, necklace from Arts at the Old Fire Station Shop, vintage bangle

Apologies firstly for the not fantastic quality of these photos. I had left it a little late in the day when I took these and for some reason in the standing shots I am pulling all kinds of weird faces. Hopefully a little editing has sorted out the lighting but it can't magic away my grumpy expression!

These photos were taken about a month ago whilst I was on holiday with my family in France. The weather there for the first week was lovely- it was warm but not so much that I felt like a big sweaty jelly. This top is not the most flattering to wear due to its rather short boxy shape but its lovely and thin for the summer months and paired with my trusty black maxi skirt (I've barely taken the thing off all summer) it was a comfy option for a sunny day.

Another item I wore consistently whilst I was there were these gorgeous sandals which were kindly sent to me by House of Fraser. The rose gold colour meant they went with practically everything and the strapped design managed to make my feet look (almost!) elegant.

I bought this vintage bangle about 6 months ago from a favourite vintage stall at Lou Lou's Vintage Fair, and have been meaning to photograph it ever since. I absolutely love it, but it doesn't seem to be everyone's cup of tea due to the real-life bugs suspended in the plastic!

And finally, my parents bought me some new specs for my birthday. What do you think? I am mega chuffed with them, and after wearing contact lenses full-time for around 7 years, I am finally letting my eyes have a break. I'm actually considering cancelling my contact lenses direct debit and just having a few pairs of dailies on standby. I wanted something a bit more masculine than my cat-eyes but it was a little tricky finding something that suited my square face. The slightly winged out shape of these work to balance everything out.

Whilst these pictures make me slightly nostalgic for a cool summer breeze I must admit I am desperate for it to become properly autumnal so I can wear my Dr Martens boots and big huge scarves again! Is anyone else impatient for Autumn?