Wednesday, 31 December 2014


2014 has been a rather bizarre and hectic year for me. Probably one of the best to date, but me oh my, it's been exhausting. Lots of things have changed and I couldn't be more grateful.

When I think back to how miserable I was in my job this time last year, it seems a lifetime ago. After one final rejection, I finally got the push I needed to jump ship and I started looking for internships in January. I began at Easter and had a fantastic 3 months learning how to do Marketing in a charitable organisation.

A few weeks after that I found myself applying for a part-time Marketing Assistant role at an arts organisation in Oxford. Whilst I had originally wanted something full-time I realised that I might need to compromise, and so I began in September whilst working alongside at M&S.

Fast forward a few months and I've just had my first proper festive break since graduating, (a whole two weeks!) and come January I will be working full-time; 2 days a week as a Marketing Assistant and 3 days in a retail role purchasing stock for the organisation's independent shop. The strange thing is, I originally applied for both of these roles, and in an odd twist of fate I've now ended up with them both. I'm a little terrified about my new role but it is a good, excited kind of terrified.

So, to sum it all up, everything seems to have worked itself out. Sure, my life isn't perfect, and there are still things to do, but my work life is completely changed. I'm so grateful to work somewhere with such positive and hardworking colleagues, doing a job I love in an organisation whose aims I admire.

I have a few New Year's Resolutions since I completely failed (on updating or achieving) my 23 before 24 list, but they're fairly run of the mill; get myself back into a healthy weight range, finally pass my driving test, save money, be more creative, blah blah... But, for once, I feel like the main resolution has already been achieved.

(Oh, and hopefully more blogging too, obvs- some things never change.)

To anyone else in a similar situation to mine (and don't worry, I'm more than aware that in the current economic climate there are plenty of graduates not doing their dream jobs) what I would say- don't let it get you down. And more importantly, know the point when you have to take that leap into the unknown- I'm incredibly lucky that I could spend 3 months working for free, but I'm certain I wouldn't be where I am now without it. Interning isn't the only way, and if its not financially viable, just try and keep your eyes open for opportunities, whether that be voluntary work, blogging or just trying to cram as much information into your head as you possibly can.

All that being said, a huge amount of this stuff is down to sheer luck, and whilst feeling pleased that my hard work is now being recognised, I'm also very grateful that things worked out as they did.

And finally, here's a little message from my queen Kate Nash (whose album Girl Talk has been a constant source of kick-ass girl inspiration this year). I think everyone needs to listen to this probably every day, but especially at the start of a New Year.

Here's to 2015.